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March 07, 2016 11:19 ET

Human Roots Herbal Supplements Relieve Stress, Depression and Addiction

Supplements Now Available on

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - March 07, 2016) -  Human Roots, a company dedicated to creating supplements following various Chinese herbal medicine traditions, announced its products are now available for purchase on, a popular online retailer specializing in nutritional products.

Human Roots's products aim to use simple formulas to give people relief from common problems like stress, addiction, mild depression, sleeplessness and fatigue, among others. These formulas enable people to experience dramatic transformations in their emotional, spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. With the products now available on, Human Roots has broadened the audience for its products on an even larger scale.

"We are happy to announce our Human Roots products are now for sale on," said Mikel Carver, CEO of Human Roots. "These products use ancient principles of Chinese herbal medicine that have been around for millennia. We have taken these principles, added some unique twists based on modern nutrition, and as a result are able to give people a completely natural method to enjoy relief from some of the issues that they face every single day. We are pleased to have the chance to give this relief to more people than ever."

Chinese herbal medicine has been considered an effective means of treating common health issues for many years, especially when used as a supplement alongside standard western approaches to medicine. Chinese herbs are well known for their limited side effects, their non-addictive nature and for how inexpensive and versatile they are.

The products now available for purchase on include Early Recovery (for relief from early detox symptoms, especially in the liver and kidney), Crouching Tiger (for relief from exhaustion and fatigue), Jade Pillow (for relief from regular sleeplessness), Free and Easy Traveler (for supporting the immune system and relieving stress), and Ivory Pillow (for relief from anxiety and occasional sleeplessness). All products contain different active Chinese herbs.

"This is a chance for many people to get their first experience with Chinese herbal medicine, and we are excited to provide it to them," said Carver. "Thanks to this partnership with, we can help more people experience some much-needed relief."

For more information about Human Roots and its products, visit the company's website at

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