SOURCE: Palo Alto Institute

Palo Alto Institute

March 15, 2011 17:48 ET

Humor Experts Featured in Palo Alto Institute Fundraiser Promising an Evening of Laughter, Exploration and Entertainment

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - March 15, 2011) - Palo Alto Institute presents Secrets To A Funnier You: The Art and Science of Being Funny at the Garden Court Hotel in downtown Palo Alto on April 1, 2011. Five brilliant and funny speakers from different fields and perspectives will come together to talk about what makes something funny, why laughter is the best medicine and whether you can increase your humor quotient. 

Palo Alto Institute (PAI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the pursuit of unconventional truths though research, education and entertainment. Open to the public, this fundraising event supports the Institute's grant program. Tickets are available online at:

PAI is flying in humor experts from around the country and bringing Secrets To A Funnier You to Palo Alto because it believes in the importance of more laughter and more awareness of the value of humor in the community. PAI's Advisory Board Member Dr. Joon Yun explains, "Humor is the most important life skill. A willingness to be funny with each other is the signature of friendship. This conference is really about friendship."

The speakers for the event are Kevin Kallaugher, a political cartoonist for The Economist; Dr. Peter McGraw, Director of the Humor Lab at the University of Colorado; John Morreall, an internationally-recognized humorist; Emily Levine, a philosopher-comic and Chris Sams, Director of BATS' Improv-on-the-Go.

Morreall explains, "[D]espite its many benefits, humor has been systematically neglected and even suppressed in education. The child with musical talent may be sent to the music room, and the one with a flair for drawing may go to the art room, but the kid with a good sense of humor is still sent to the principal's office. In an evening of enlightening fun, we'll overturn the traditional prejudices against humor, explore its many benefits, and see some ways to cultivate it in our lives." 

Secrets to a Funnier You is sponsored by Palo Alto Investors, Garden Court Hotel, Whole Foods, Thomas Fogarty and Gordon Biersch.