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October 18, 2012 00:17 ET

Hundreds of Companies, Thousands of Engineering College Students Connect With Readyforce

Mid-Tour Results Illustrate Early Success of Hacker Tour 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 18, 2012) - Readyforce, building the easiest way for companies to hire college students for internships and jobs, announced today that its first nationwide tour, Hacker Tour 2012, is reporting remarkable results at its midway point. Thusfar, 2,000 new students from 15 campuses in 10 states have joined Readyforce, along with 150 new companies. Launched September 10, 2012, Hacker Tour with its 26 sponsoring companies continues through October to promote career opportunities at career fairs and custom student events across the country, reaching students at the country's top engineering schools and placing them in internships and full-time positions.

"When we say 'Do you want to work for a startup?' students get wide-eyed and very excited. Many of them don't realize that there are hundreds of small, innovative tech companies eager to talk to them about job opportunities," says Anna Binder, VP, Client Services at Readyforce.

Hacker Tour Buoys Students' Career Prospects

In stark contrast to the black hole of applying through any of the major job boards, students are noting the engaging experience of Readyforce.

According to Ashley Chou, a senior at Duke University, "Readyforce has been amazing and extremely crucial in my job search this year. I have been surprised by how many companies have responded to my introduction requests. I've got interviews lined up with five great companies."

Readyforce's HackerTour has already brought startup career opportunities to thousands of students who never before were able to connect with them: "Getting introduced to a real person from a company that I could only dream to work for before is such a great feeling. Looking for a job in a real startup had never seemed possible until I joined Readyforce," said Karan Talati, a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

"Readyforce is the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to contact a company and show your interest on a more personal level. It gives you a chance to really talk with employers, and not just sit on an application page for 40 minutes while you fill it out. Already, I've had six phone interviews with companies that I found on Readyforce," said Robert Wagner, a senior at Virginia Tech.

Tech Startups Leverage Hacker Tour

Anyone familiar with on-campus recruiting knows college recruiting takes significant time, effort and resources that are well beyond the capacity of most small tech companies. Traditionally, only the largest companies have been able to organize real college recruiting programs. Readyforce provides a new model of economic college recruiting that gives smaller, fast-growing companies access to great candidates from many more campuses across the country. The tour's fast growing sponsoring companies are looking to hire engineering students for internships and jobs.

"The Readyforce Hacker Tour is a perfect opportunity for us to spread the word about our new recruitment campaign, which we launched this month with the aim of attracting the best and brightest engineering talent to join SoundCloud," said Mark Dewings, SoundCloud's head of brand communications. ''Through the Hacker Tour we've had the opportunity to engage with hundreds of the smartest students in the US and highlight why they might want to help build the world's leading social sound platform."

"I've interviewed five great students that I found and connected with on Readyforce. As a small, growing start-up, this is powerful as I don't have any other way to find these types of candidates," Dan Whaley, CEO,

"College recruiting works on an established cycle and it's very competitive. Top students are often getting multiple offers in October. Readyforce has made it easy for us to connect with best student from across the country early in the recruitment cycle," Julia Lipton, Director of Marketing for Quixey.

"A marketplace like Readyforce that connects companies to students doesn't work without active users on both sides and we're very happy to see solid demand from students across the country along with that of the hundreds of new companies that have signed up on Readyforce in the last few weeks," said Alex Mooradian, CEO of Readyforce.

Unique Readyforce Profiles Compel Introductions and Hiring

Readyforce highlights the importance of student profiles to compel company introductions and hiring. Examples of profiles that are a attracting a lot of interest from companies:

Nicholas Knudson

Kelsey Leighton

Anna Marie Baker

David Michaels

Evan Noon

Readyforce is designed to facilitate enduring matches and help launch meaningful careers, by focusing on proven interpersonal factors that contribute to job satisfaction, such as work style, personal preferences, interests and cultural fit.

Readyforce invites companies to join Readyforce and find and connect with college talent that matches their needs. Undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate students can join, complete profiles and request introductions through Readyforce to get started interviewing with great companies now.

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Readyforce is building the easiest way for companies to hire college students for internships and jobs. Companies search and review profiles and connect directly with students from around the country. Readyforce investors include Menlo Ventures, US Venture Partners, Pivot North, Founder Collective and First Round Capital.

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