July 15, 2008 16:27 ET

"Hungry" Models Give Back to Charity by Launching an Impressive Contemporary Art Site

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - July 15, 2008) - In the spirit of creativity, and with a passion to help the less fortunate, two young, successful, international models have launched their own online modern art collective, This novel website will serve as a palette to inspire groups of friends to unite and focus on positive creative expression.

The inspired minds behind this project are Apple Price from VUE Agency and Michelle Easter with Next Model Management. Their desire to create is matched by their desire to give back, as a portion of all proceeds from their art is donated to a generous list of charities.

Included in that list is Operation Smile, an organization which has special meaning to Michelle. Born with a soft palate cleft, Michelle wants to send a message of comfort to kids that you can still be healthy, beautiful and extremely successful. By donating a portion of their proceeds to the organization, hopes to provide those in need of this procedure, the medical opportunities and resources available today. This is just the beginning of a business endeavor that will benefit charities ranging from the ASPCA to The Boys & Girls Club of America. showcases the art of numerous talented, high fashion models whose artwork shows shades of Rauschenberg, Pollock and Basquiat. Similar to Andy Warhol's Superstars who worked and hung out at The Factory, these models spend their days expressing themselves through art. While working to become the next Giselle, their message is to inspire their audience to have fun and share in their own creativity, as they generate a small income to help themselves as well as others.

Initially an outlet for self-expression and a means to find sanity in the jet set world of fashion, four friends from different cities got together for drinks to decompress from their lives and connect with each other by simply painting for enjoyment. These weekly "Art Nights" evolved into the passion project, "Didn't you get the text?"

This extremely creative and entertaining site will turn heads with its clever and memorable concept, and will impress audiences with the quality of their work. By working together and visiting we can help one model at a time feed their appetite for fashion & art as well as humanitarian causes.

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