SOURCE: Hunt Gold Corporation

February 12, 2009 08:00 ET

Hunt Gold Corporation -- Appointment of IR Firm & Update

Company Appoints Investor Relations Firm to Interact With Its Stockholders and Provides an Update to Its Stockholders

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 12, 2009) - Hunt Gold Corporation (PINKSHEETS: HGLC) confirms that it has appointed MDM Worldwide Solutions, Inc. as its Investor Relations firm and with immediate effect.

The Contact Details are as follows:

MDM Worldwide Solutions, Inc.
989 Avenue of the Americas, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Telephone: (646) 961-4458

E Mail:

Contact : Richard Hausig

Your Company's Management has recognized the need to immediately implement this Investor Relations interaction in order to impart to our stockholders all timely information and for all stockholder requests for information on their Company to be dealt with immediately; given the huge demands upon your Company's Management's time to deal with the overwhelming amount of requests for information from their stockholders.

MDM Worldwide Solutions, Inc. will serve as a "bridge" between your Company's Management and its stockholders. All requests for information from stockholders are asked to be directed to MDM Worldwide Solutions, Inc. who will ensure that all enquiries are promptly and accurately responded to; and where necessary will obtain the information from the Company's Management on a daily basis.

Stockholders are asked to bear in mind that not all requests for information may be satisfactorily addressed due to ongoing or pending deals with third parties but your Company's Management will abide by a "Full and Accurate Disclosure Policy." Certain requests for information will only be addressed by a Press Release to all stockholders in order to avoid privileged or sensitive information being released to individual stockholders prior to it being announced by the Company to all stockholders.

Your Company's Management is dealing with all outstanding issues at this time, in particular, the Stock Dividend payment which has been delayed by third parties and their professional advisors, a situation which is beyond your Company's control. We expect to have these issues resolved in due course and will issue a detailed and accurate Statement in respect of all of these issues; once your Company's Management is in possession of all the verifiable facts from all of the third parties involved in these various transactions.

Your Company's Management has elected to take the prudent and sensible approach which is designed to take the pressure off these third parties who will be responsible for the payment of these Stock Dividends. This approach by your Company's Management was decided upon in order to avoid any costly and time consuming mistakes being made in this Stock Dividend distribution, a situation which would not be in our stockholders best interests.

Your Company's Management wishes to extend its apologizes to all stockholders for these promised dates not having been met by the Company and will now be pursuing a policy "going forward" of not relying upon any third parties and their unsubstantiated promises in respect of completion dates; when announcing firm dates to our stockholders.

Stockholders may rest assured that the Stock Dividends in respect of your Company's sale of the "American Molygold" assets will be paid to stockholders and that your Company's Management is doing everything in its power to expedite the process whilst maintaining a sensible and prudent approach with the third parties responsible for the payment of these Stock Dividends.

Your Company's Management is satisfied that this process can be completed within a reasonable period of time but will not commit to any dates in respect of this "Record Date" until your Company's Management is completely satisfied that there will be no further delays from various third parties whom are delaying this process due to circumstances that we are satisfied are beyond their control at this time; and in so doing, are causing acute embarrassment to your Company's Management.

Your Company confirms that the proceeds from the sale of your Company's "Lookout" Silver interests will be retained by the Company.

Your Company's Management has been unable to complete the web site as promised due to the delays in the completion of the Reports of your Company's various Gold properties by the Company's Geologists, this being coupled with the endless delays in the integration of the "live data feed" to the Corporate web site, by the existing web site designers; and to that end; your Company's Management has now outsourced the completion and the ongoing management of your Company's web site to MDM Worldwide Solutions, Inc., your Company's Investor Relations firm.

The detailed Reports of each of your Company's Gold properties will be available for download from the Corporate web site as soon as they are completed. Your Company's Management is confident that this issue is resolved without any further unnecessary delays. The Company's Management concedes that these delays to date are inexcusable and apologize to their stockholders respectfully for these unacceptable delays.

Stockholders may rest assured that their Company's Management is acutely aware of the importance of a professional, detailed and informative Corporate web site and one that is updated on a daily basis with new information as it becomes available. MDM Worldwide Solutions, Inc. will be responsible for the management of your Company's Corporate web site, daily upgrades, marketing as well as very regular informative E Mail distribution to your Company's Corporate web site subscribers.

The Company is expecting the final Assay results from the core samples from the first drill campaign and will be publishing these results once completed by the Laboratory.

Your Company is in a position to confirm that next "Non Stop" Drilling phases on a number of your Company's Gold Mining properties will commence this month, as scheduled. Your Company will be announcing the awarding of those drilling contracts upon our final evaluation of the quotes and tenders received from various drilling contractors. The Company's Geologists are continuing to identify drill sites on the Company's various properties.

Your Company's Management would like to remind all of our present stockholders, and to inform our future stockholders, that we have every intention of becoming a proven leader in our field of expertise, that we have the "wherewithal" to do so, without asking our loyal shareholders to contribute financially to our costly exploration and drilling. We are in a strong financial position going forward, especially when compared to the many Junior Companies in the Mining Sector who are continually seeking cash for "working capital" from their stockholder base or through other various forms of stock placements, at substantial discounts; and for the most, unsuccessfully or on prejudicial terms to their stockholder base.

Your Company has assumed the financial risk, and is committed to the aggressive growth in the value of your Company's Gold Mining properties and its stockholdings in the Silver business obtained by your Company through the disposal of its "Lookout" Silver properties.

Your Company's Management is aware that these are troubling times for many stockholders, but given the continued strength in the price of Gold and with your Company's Management's very strong belief in the sustainable strength in the price of Gold; this being based not only upon supply and demand factors for the metal but also for its current treasured "safe haven" status in these turbulent economic times; that the prospects for your Company could not be more promising at this time.

Your Company's ongoing and extensive exploration of its Gold Mining properties will continue to add value to your Company's stock as we continue to seek out and prove additional gold reserves on your Company's various Gold Mining properties whilst formulating long term plans to bring certain of your Company's Gold Mining properties into production.


Hunt Gold Corporation is a Gold Mining & Exploration Company focused on the development and exploration of its Gold properties, namely "Mockingbird," "Ambassador," "Golden Eagle," "Gladstone Lookout," "Lady Alde," "Williamson," "Blue Copper Mine," "Starlight," "American Flag," "Venezia," "Stormcloud," "Cherry," "Buffalo Limecap," "Red Cloud" and "Federal." The Company has completed the sale of its "American Molygold" interests and will be distributing the entire sale proceeds through a Stock Dividend to its stockholders. The Company has disposed of its "Lookout" Silver Projects and will be retaining an amount of US$65 million in quoted stock from that disposal.

For further information contact:

Contact: Richard Hausig
MDM Worldwide Solutions, Inc. (Investor Relations Enquiries)
E Mail:
Telephone: (646) 961-4458

Hunt Gold Corporation (Corporate Enquiries)
E Mail:
Telephone: (954) 840-6956
Contact: Mr. Michael G Saner

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