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Hunt Mining Corp.

February 21, 2013 09:01 ET

Hunt Mining Corp. Announces Precious Metals Grades at La Valenciana

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON--(Marketwire - Feb. 21, 2013) - Hunt Mining Corp. (the "Corporation") (TSX VENTURE:HMX) is pleased to announce exploration results from its recently acquired La Valenciana Gold-Silver project located in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. The La Valenciana gold-silver project is located on the central-north area of the Santa Cruz Province, Argentina and is located 25 km to the west of the Corporation's main Piedra Labrada base camp. The project encompasses an area of 29,600 hectares, and is contiguous to the Joaquin project to the south, the Las Mellizas project to the south-east and the Corporation's La Josefina project to the east. Several historical exploration programs have taken place to date at La Valenciana, with the most recent exploration being conducted by Cerro Cazador S.A. ("CCSA"), the Corporation's 100% owned subsidiary.

"We are very excited to have finally secured the La Valenciana agreement for exploration and development" stated Hunt Mining President Matt Hughes. "A drill-ready project, like La Valenciana, surrounded by other rapidly advancing projects, can only enhance the Corporation's regional foothold and discovery potential. This represents a major development for the Corporation's continued success."

Exploration to date has focused on three main targets at La Valenciana: Veta Principal, La Florentina and Estancia.

Veta Principal

Veta Principal represents a large, precious metal bearing, epithermal vein system with a strike length of at least 2,000 meters. The vein trends generally north-south and ranges in width from 0.5 to 3.0 meters, swelling locally to a width of 10 meters. The host rock consists of Jurassic age crystal tuffs. Mineralization occurs in episodically banded quartz veins and hydrothermal breccias associated with small amounts of iron, copper and lead sulfide minerals. Several locations along this vein system were historically explored with ten shallow drill holes averaging less than 65 m in length and 53 trenches averaging 23 m in length. Results of this work were inconclusive. CCSA collected 217 total samples from trenches and other outcrops along a 1000 meter segment of the Veta Principal trend. A total of 165 channel samples were collected from 11 of the historical trenches. Channels 3 to 4 cm wide and deep and up to 21 m long were sawed along the walls of the trenches and sampled over continuous intervals of 0.4 to 1.9 m in length. The weighted average gold content of all samples was 0.88 g/t Au, with 22 percent of the samples containing at least 1.0 g/t up to 11.58 g/t Au. Significant mineralization encountered in this sampling is summarized in the following table:

Veta Principal Trench Sampling
Trench Length (m) From
SVP-T09-001 15.55 0.80 3.75 2.95 9.68 3.89 5
SVP-T09-002 13.60 0.00 4.10 4.10 13.45 5.36 16
including: 1.00 3.28 10.84 14
SVP-T09-003 15.56 0.00 1.00 1.00 3.28 1.02 1
9.31 9.71 0.40 1.31 2.14 1
SVP-T09-004 11.05 6.80 8.80 2.00 6.56 0.90 1
SVP-T09-005 9.70 0.00 8.80 8.80 28.87 3.52 4
including: 1.00 3.28 8.05 13
SVP-T09-006 20.70 20.00 20.70 0.70 2.30 1.01 2
SVP-T09-007 16.57 0.90 2.50 1.60 5.25 3.80 5
4.90 7.00 2.10 6.89 3.52 4
SVP-T09-008 23.78 3.50 4.50 1.00 3.28 1.11 2
SVP-T09-009 13.75 0.00 2.85 2.85 9.35 1.56 56
10.85 12.45 1.60 5.25 1.14 10
SVP-T09-010 4.00 no mineralization > 0.5 g/t Au
SVP-T09-011 8.80 1.10 3.20 2.10 6.89 0.67 10

Note: The widths reported above are horizontal widths across the vein, not necessarily the true width of mineralization. Because the vein is, however, very steeply dipping, approaching sub-vertical in places, the reported widths probably represent 90-100% of the true widths. Trenches SVP-T09-001 to -003 are spaced 25-65 m apart along a 100 m segment of the vein in the southern portion of the known Veta Principal system. Trenches SVP-T09-004 to -007 start 210 m farther north, are spaced 90-180 m apart and examine a 420 m segment of the vein system. Trenches SVP-T09-008 to -011 start another 190 m farther north, are spaced 10 to 60 m apart and focus on a 105 m segment of the vein system.

La Florentina

The La Florentina target, about 5.5 km east-northeast of Veta Principal, encompasses a 2.5 square km area of a broad N-S trending stockwork system consisting of small quartz veins and hydrothermal breccias. CCSA's recent exploration in the La Florentina stockwork system collected 256 sawed continuous channels cut along the walls of 6 old historical trenches and other outcrops in the target area. The samples returned values ranging from less than detection to 4.10 g/t gold and 2,521 g/t silver. The trench sampling is summarized in the following table:

La Florentina Trench Sampling
Trench Length (m) From
SVP-T09-012 14.03 no mineralization > 0.5 g/t Au
SVP-T09-013 8.55 4.10 5.40 1.30 4.26 1.14 206
SVP-T09-014 15.56 no mineralization > 0.5 g/t Au
SVP-T09-015 4.17 1.30 3.62 2.22 7.28 1.72 647
including: 0.45 1.48 4.10 2521
SVP-T09-016 11.80 no mineralization > 0.5 g/t Au
SVP-T09-017 11.10 0.4 0.80 0.40 1.31 0.59 46
SVP-T09-018 7.90 0.60 1.00 0.40 1.31 1.01 8
5.55 6.45 0.90 2.95 2.21 4


The Estancia target area, approximately 5 km west of Veta Principal, is a 5 sq. km area consisting of a series of brecciated subparallel quartz veins and stockworks which are intermittently exposed along NW and NE cross-trending structural zones from 400 to 700 m in length. A primary target is the NW-trending Rosario vein, exposed over a 250 m strike length. A total of 169 outcrop grab samples and 20 discontinuous chip samples have been collected from the Estancia target area. Of these, 25 contain more than 0.50 g/t Au with 15 having from 1.0 g/t Au up to 15.20 g/t Au and up to 4,634 g/t Ag, as shown in the table below.

Estancia Outcrop Grab Samples > 0.50 g/t Au
Sample # Au
CCSA50051 15.20 51 161 586
CCSA50050 14.00 60 260 724
CCSA50049 13.50 51 58 258
CCSA03021 7.90 37 835 8,343
CCSA50048 6.00 32 35 300
CCSA02843 5.11 324 128 578
CCSA02806 4.72 138 343 4,561
CCSA02876 3.81 564 261 801
CCSA02807 3.68 16 384 5,315
CCSA02801 3.19 69 17 149
CCSA02805 2.07 107 1,514 14,300
CCSA02846 1.68 833 108 894
CCSA03000 1.48 760 1,026 973
CCSA02844 1.42 438 155 442
CCSA02874 1.20 4,634 173 1,238
CCSA02997 0.92 1,072 93 5,110
CCSA50042 0.90 1 20 223
CCSA02808 0.79 8 252 1,206
CCSA02875 0.78 146 49 651
CCSA02841 0.72 35 27 369
CCSA02810 0.69 666 146 961
CCSA02845 0.52 155 268 504
CCSA02803 0.52 16 59 1,008
CCSA02850 0.51 775 188 11,137

A total of 692 samples were collected from the 3 main target areas and a few outlying areas at the La Valenciana Project. The great majority of these are continuous samples taken from channels sawed along the walls of existing historical trenches and across other outcrops in the target areas. A table with all La Valenciana results can be viewed at


  • All samples have been collected and handled in accordance with standard industry practices.
  • All samples were prepared and assayed by Alex Stewart Laboratories.

Mel Klohn, Senior Technical Advisor for the Corporation, is the Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101 who has approved the technical content of this new release.

About Hunt Mining

Hunt Mining Corp. has been an active and aggressive explorer in Santa Cruz since 2006. Since that time, the Corporation's wholly owned subsidiary, Cerro Cazador S.A., has completed a large amount of exploration activity including approximately 57,000 meters of HQ core drilling, 416 line kilometers of Induced Polarization geophysical surveys and more than 15,000 surface channel, chip, and trench samples. Historical results and additional information can be viewed at


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