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Hunt Valley Animal Hospital

April 15, 2012 11:00 ET

Hunt Valley Animal Hospital Warns Pet Owners That Pet Dental Care Is Essential to Overall Pet Health

HUNT VALLEY, MD--(Marketwire - Apr 15, 2012) - Hunt Valley Animal Hospital announced that the practice is raising awareness about the importance of routine pet dental care. According to veterinarians at the practice, pet dental care is essential to protecting against bacterial infections. These infections can develop in the gum line, and without proper treatment, can enter the bloodstream and affect a pet's internal organs, leading to serious health complications. The animal vet clinic is working to raise awareness about dental cleanings, and encourages all pet owners to schedule regular pet Owner, Dr. Allan Frank and the Hunt Valley veterinary care team announced that the vet hospital is raising awareness about the importance of regular pet dental cleanings.

"No one likes a bad case of dog breath, but this bad breath is more than just an unpleasant odor," said Dr. Frank. "In fact, it's a sign that serious oral health problems may be affecting the pet. Gingivitis and periodontal disease are common in pets over three years of age."

According to Dr. Frank, the majority of dogs aged three years or older suffer from periodontal disease. Plaque can build up along the gum line over time, leading to not only bad breath, but also gingivitis and bacterial infection. Dr. Frank says that the best way to avoid oral health problems is through regular veterinary cleanings and at-home brushing.

"Once a pet has its full set of adult teeth, we advise pet owners to begin a weekly brushing routine," said Dr. Frank. "Many pet owners wait until a pet is fully grown, at which point the animal is understandably uncomfortable with a toothbrush being placed in the mouth."

Dr. Frank advises pet owners to begin by placing a small amount of pet toothpaste on their fingers and slowly introducing that to the animal. As the pet gains comfort, a toothbrush or even an over-the-finger brushing glove can be used.

"By making pet teeth cleaning a regular part of puppy care and kitten care, animals are comfortable with dental cleaning," said Dr. Frank. "Building good oral health habits should be started at an early age."

The animal hospital recommends annual dental cleanings as part of an overall wellness exam. During the cleaning, plaque and tartar are removed from the gumline using a high speed ultrasonic scaler. The teeth are also polished to resist future plaque build-up, and help prevent bacterial infection.

An infection may start when a piece of food becomes lodged between teeth. Without regular brushing, this food particle will remain in place, becoming a host for bacteria. As the infection progresses, it can enter the gum line and ultimately the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the bacteria may travel to internal organs, and may cause damage to the heart, kidney or liver.

"Any bacterial infection poses a significant health risk," said Dr. Frank. "A pet teeth cleaning is the easiest way to protect a pet's oral health. After all, a simple cleaning costs a lot less than a trip to the vet emergency room!"

Pet owners who wish to learn more about pet teeth cleaning and dental care can contact the veterinary hospital's website

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