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November 19, 2007 14:21 ET

Huntsville Expands Traffic Calming Program to Include Next Generation Radar Speed Signs

HUNTSVILLE, AL--(Marketwire - November 19, 2007) - In the largest city in northern Alabama, traffic engineers are hard at work to protect the safety of city residents. The city's traffic calming program is a dynamic one; constantly expanding to meet the challenges of keeping local streets safe.

Traffic Logix speed cushions have been installed on residential roads in all five council districts to slow cars and keep pedestrians and motorists safe. However, the city has begun to recognize the need for an additional traffic calming technique to slow cars on larger collector roads. On these streets, which have two lanes in each direction and daily volume in excess of 2,500, physical measures such as cushions did not seem the right response.

When Traffic Logix recently introduced their next generation radar speed signs, Huntsville decided to try this solution to slow cars. The city installed one of the company's next generation radar speed signs on a local road where residents have been complaining of excessive speeding. The street is a minor collector residential feeder with a speed limit of 30 mph. It experiences a traffic volume of around 7,500 vehicles per day.

The goal of the Huntsville engineers was to use the interactive sign to alert drivers of their speed in order to slow them down. For the first week that the sign was up, the city kept the sign turned off while the data collection feature was left on. In this way, traffic data was collected for use as a comparison once the sign was enabled.

Once the sign was powered on, data was collected after one week and again three weeks later. The first time data was downloaded, the 85th percentile dropped from 37 mph to 33.5 mph. The average speed, factoring in both excessive speeders and the slowest vehicles, was brought down from around 33 mph to below the posted speed limit of 30. The second time that the city downloaded data, the speeds dropped even further.

The city is pleased with the excellent performance of the radar speed sign.

Andy Dinges, Huntsville's Traffic Engineer III, commented that in addition to the city being happy with the superior performance of the sign, residents have responded positively as well. The city has received excellent feedback, including several emails expressing gratitude for the city's dedication to keeping the street safe. As one resident commented, "Knowing that the radar sign is there makes us feel safer walking up and down the street."

Mr. Dinges noted that in addition to the sign's successful performance, the city was pleased with the user friendliness of the sign as well. "All I had to do was hook up a couple wires to connect the solar panel and it fired right up. The sign is really quite easy to use." The city purchased the sign with the optional solar panel.

Huntsville plans to purchase several more of the Traffic Logix signs to calm traffic on local collector roads.

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