August 14, 2008 13:05 ET

Hurrican: Mr. Jack strikes again in Beijing

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND--(Marketwire - Aug. 14, 2008) - Hurrican

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Key facts:

- Mr. Jack, as he is known to the international press and bloggers around the world, has struck again, not in London, but in Beijing.

- Each night since the beginning of the games, Mr. Jack, who has seemingly taken on the identity of an athlete, has posted a blog on China's human rights violations and its treatment of Tibet, thereby contravening the Olympic Charter, which forbids athletes from making political statements while at the Games.

- Currently, seven athletes and one trainer are under suspicion. All are staying in the athletes' village in Beijing, from where the anonymous messages are being sent.

But which athlete is Mr. Jack impersonating?

An independent investigation is underway, and Hurrican, a young Swiss production company based in Geneva, has appealed to the immense online community worldwide for help. Hurrican has just launched a unique Web site where anyone interested in joining the unofficial search can offer suggestions and deductions about the impostor among the eight international athletes, and ultimately reveal the true identity of Mr. Jack!

Over to you!

Mr. Jack in Beijing

Mr. Jack at the Olympic Games, launched today, is a free on-line version of the best-selling board game entitled simply Mr. Jack, currently available in 28 countries and winner of the prestigious 2007 International Gamers Award.

This specially designed free online version of Mr. Jack, Mr. Jack at the Olympic Games, invites players to take on the role of one of the eight athletes suspected of contravening the Olympic Charter. Competing players try to discover the blogger's identity and prevent him or her from reaching the media again.

Mr. Jack at the Olympic Games, which will be available online only until September 25, 2008 offers fans of the original version, as well as newcomers to the game, these exciting features:

- An new playing board featuring Beijing and its now-famous buildings, including the Birds' Nest;

- Eight new characters all tied to sports;

- An international competition with prizes of the original Mr. Jack board game for the top 50 finishers;

- A "Mr. Jack" presence on social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. Mr. Jack can be followed on Twitter and he's also sharing his photos and pictures on Flickr.

Find the rules governing Mr. Jack, as well as other information about Mr. Jack the board game, at the following sites:

- Tric Trac, a French webzine on board games

- an English webzine on board games

- a German webzine on board games.

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- Mr. Jack Official Website:

- Play Online - Mr. Jack Original Version:

- Play Online - Olympic Version:

- Mr. Jack on Facebook:

- Mr. Jack on YouTube:

- Mr. Jack on MySpace:


- Flickr:

- Follow Mr. Jack on Twitter: MrJackGame


- "Hurrican is delighted to be launching this online edition of Mr. Jack at the Olympics. It is our way of thanking all of the fans who have made the original version of Mr. Jack such a success. Yves Menu, CEO, Hurrican (and editor of the Mr. Jack game).

- "In addition to enjoying this new online version of Mr. Jack at the Olympics, Hurrican invites fans of Mr. Jack to visit his profile on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter and join his list of friends." Yves Menu, CEO, Hurrican.

- "Mr. Jack at the Olympics is full of the same features that made the original Mr. Jack such an instant international success, but with eight new characters to discover online." Bruno Cathala, creator of the Mr. Jack game.

- "It's such a great board game, I'd love to see the athletes playing Mr. Jack in the village, or even between their heats, as a way to relax!" Yves Menu, CEO, Hurrican.

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