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March 16, 2011 07:48 ET

"The Hutton Report Proposal That Performance Pay for Public Sector Workers Should be Implemented Across All Sectors is Good News for the Country," Says Jesse Young CEO of Per DM Group

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 16, 2011) - Will Hutton, the Government's 'fair pay czar', has today published the findings of his exhaustive nine-month review of manager pay across the public sector. "By and large he seems to have got it right," says Jesse Young CEO of the Per DM Group one of the UK's top Outsource Sales organisations. "The concept of bringing performance pay to the public sector is a positive step forward."

At the Per DM Group this is not a new phenomenon as the company's success is based on delivering real sales gains to its clients based on agreed measurable strategies. With the country toiling under the current debt mountain and public sector budgets being slashed it would be an easy fix to cut employment and slash service delivery levels. Hutton has proposed that instead of there being a cap on salaries for managers that there should be a different measurement criteria that sees managers being more accountable not only for budgets but also service. He sees "fairness as due desert" and at the centre of his report; that "workers at every level in any organisation should be rewarded in proportion to the real value of their contributions".

"This proposed approach is far more innovative and certainly I can see how the Public Sector will benefit in the long term in having a more motivated and service focused workforce'" said Per DM's CEO Jesse Young. There will be, however, no reward for failure as significantly, it should be possible to claw back 'at least 10%' and maybe as much as 20% of their basic salary if they don't hit performance targets. Hutton states that these targets should be set by the organisation, with employee representation.

"I also welcome Hutton's proposal that there should be greater transparency by publishing their top earners' pay and the performance levels expected," says Jesse. "This is no different for most in the private sector. For example in Per DM most share the same remuneration scale. Work hard, reach your agreed targets and enjoy the rewards and bonuses that come with that."

Of course the hard bit is not the theory but the implementation. The public sector is not used to performance based pay and dealing with 'transparency' however if we are to see a greater level of service the sector needs to attract better managers to implement the changes required in order to ensure the country has a robust and accountable public sector that works for the people and not for themselves.

Per DM Contact Marketing Limited was established in August 2005 in response to the UK markets' need for a field sales organisation capable of delivering high quality results with consistency and reliability.

The company was formed by a group of former UK financial services executives and senior executives from the leading North American field sales agency and since 2005 we have continually recruited leading figures from the B2C and B2B business arena.

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