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Hy9 Corporation

April 26, 2011 02:00 ET

Hy9 HPS Purifiers Ensure Pure Hydrogen for Trials of ITM Power's HFuel(C) Hydrogen Storage and Refueling System

HOPKINTON, MA--(Marketwire - Apr 26, 2011) - Hy9 Corporation (, a leading manufacturer of hydrogen generators and hydrogen purifiers for energy and transportation applications, is pleased to announce that its HPS industrial scale hydrogen purifiers as an integral component of ITM Power's HFuel hydrogen refueling system are providing hydrogen of greater than 99.9999% purity to the 21 companies and organizations participating in the Hydrogen On Site Trials (HOST) program. The HOST program provides participants the experience of operating and refueling hydrogen fueled on road delivery vehicles. The primary barrier to the acceptance of hydrogen powered vehicles is the ready and cost effective availability of hydrogen of suitable purity. ITM Power's HFuel product overcomes that barrier by providing hydrogen vehicle operators with the means to fuel their fleets at their distribution terminal.

Dr. Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power, said, "ITM Power is pleased to be trailing Hy9's pd filter technology in Hfuel. Reducing maintenance costs is an important factor in alternative fueling solutions and Hy9 technology provides a one step, maintenance free solution to purifying and drying renewable hydrogen to the levels required for fuel cell vehicles."

According to Brad Bradshaw, CEO of Hy9, "Hy9 is pleased to be a part of ITM Power's HOST program and its goal of proving that hydrogen powered delivery vehicles provide a cost effective return today for return-to-base distribution operations."

Hy9 has close to 1,000 hydrogen purifiers operating in customer facilities around the world, with a minimum of 3 million hours of operation over a period of 11 years. The HPS purifier is an absolute barrier to contaminants, allowing only pure hydrogen to pass through the membrane. The company has sold purifiers for use in a wide range of applications including laboratory gas generators, backup power, fork lift refueling, combined heat and power, vehicle refueling and hydrogen recycling.

About ITM Power

ITM Power ( the energy storage and clean fuel company has developed a range of products to reduce the cost of hydrogen production and storage. The company is developing equipment to convert renewable energy to a clean fuel; storing the energy as green hydrogen for decarbonising transport, industrial and residential applications.

About Hy9 Corporation

Based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts (USA), Hy9 Corporation designs, manufactures and sells low-cost, high-performance hydrogen generators and hydrogen purifiers for the portable and stationary/backup power, industrial gas and transportation markets. Hy9's HGS family of hydrogen generators provides pure hydrogen for backup and stationary power, targeting wireless telecommunications and combined heat and power applications. The HGS-M series of hydrogen generators run on methanol, reliably, efficiently and cost effectively producing high purity hydrogen for PEM fuel cells. Hy9's HPS purifiers give customers the assurance that they are consistently and reliably receiving hydrogen for their applications at greater than 99.9999% purity.

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