SOURCE: Hybrid Energy Holdings, Inc.

September 07, 2010 12:26 ET

Hybrid Energy Holdings Announces Patent Filing Heavy-Oil Extraction Technology

RENO, NV--(Marketwire - September 7, 2010) -  Hybrid Energy Holdings (PINKSHEETS: HYBE) today announced the patent filing completed on Visalo's heavy-oil extraction technology. The filing was duly made on 10 August 2010 and a six-week quiet period will ensue. Subsequent to the quiet period, the company will make full public disclosure of the technology as well as outline detailed marketing and distribution strategies and partners.

The Heavy Oil Industry, currently at $155 billion per year business, is set for substantial increases based on dwindling supply and increased demand.

Worldwide, the Heavy Oil industry is a $155 billion-a-year business, and is expected to continue growing as oil demand increases and supplies dwindle.

There is 300 years' worth of heavy oil at the current rate of consumption and 60% of the US oil reserves is Heavy Oil, just waiting to be extracted. The known US Heavy Oil reserves are estimated to be 100 - 180 billion barrels. Refineries from all around the world are retooling their facilities towards heavy oil refining.

The Visalo technology is a unique nascent production and extraction method that dramatically increases recovery rates to 90% or higher at substantially lower entry costs in the heavy oil production industry. The Company believes the technology will set the standard in a market with no clear cut extraction/production standard.

The Company believes Heavy Oil is an up and coming energy resource aggressively being sought as the world's energy demand increases. As technology continues to improve, this once costly energy source is quickly becoming a more viable alternative.

The Company earns revenues from the extraction and recovery of 'heavy oil' reserves from existing wells not in active production. The Company licenses the technology to joint venture recovery projects.

Additionally, the technology and processes will dramatically increase the production potential and market valuation of the Company's current gas and oil production assets.

This Heavy Oil Extraction acquisition, together with the Solar Energy Acquisition and Development Projects and the addition of technologies to increase the oil and gas production efficiencies and profitability, have increased the Company's revenue projections and shareholder value.

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