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May 20, 2010 08:30 ET

Hybrid Energy to Increase Production Efficiency and Reduce Carbon Emissions With Breakthrough Gas-to-Oil Technology

RENO, NV--(Marketwire - May 20, 2010) -  Hybrid Energy Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: HYBE) announced today it has begun development and property integration plans using innovative technology that will convert flare gas, a byproduct of oilfield production, so named because it is commonly disposed of by continuous burning during drilling operations, into a synthetic and commercially viable form of crude oil. 

This technology not only will increase the Company's production efficiencies and profitability, but once installed, it represents a technology that can be licensed to gas and oil producers globally, thereby increasing the Company's revenue and shareholder value.

Natural gas, a valuable natural resource, is emitted in great quantities as a consequence of oil extraction only to be thrown away like garbage. When underground oil is subjected to high pressure, gas dissolved in the liquid escapes through a separate pipeline valve that reaches the surface. Yet, the practice of combusting this "associated gas" as quickly as possible (i.e. gas flaring) has become standard for decades in oilfields too remote from potential markets or transport infrastructure to take advantage of the fuel's value. Official estimates place the global amount of gas squandered in this way annually at 1/4 of the natural gas consumption in the US.

Though technology does exist for converting this gas into liquid crude oil, it is currently too costly and cumbersome to be efficient in a wide range of gas and oil production facilities. The development of viable gas-to-oil technology would not only provide revenue that would offset the costly trial-and-error stage of oil drilling, it would solve offshore drillers' problem of what to do with excess gas.

Since 2002, gas flaring has come under worldwide scrutiny because of its significant contribution to global warming. The World Bank's Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR) estimated in 2009 that 1.5% of the world's carbon emissions come exclusively from gas flaring. Any technology that reduces carbon emissions by that magnitude is a benefit for the entire planet. Oil from surplus gas could supplement profits for unconventional oil projects such as shale oil and oil shale, of which the world will only be seeing more of in the future.

The Company is actively involved in various stages of acquiring numerous energy production properties and increasing production on its current holdings. Additionally, the Company is analyzing various technologies that will improve the production efficiencies of its gas and oil production, while at the same time reduce its carbon footprint.

Most recently the Company announced its planned acquisition of proven, untapped reserves of Natural Gas divided between two wells. The estimated value of this acquisition is approximately $30,000,000.

The Company recently announced that its production levels had increased 864% year over year; and expects further increases in production levels and increases in revenue and shareholder value.

The Company's portfolio consists of multiple energy production properties consistently delivering profitably and strong recurring cash-flows. The company's current holdings include 35 Billion Cubic Feet of reserves and produces from an estimated $30,000,000 in active reserves and an additional estimated $145,000,000 in available reserves. 

The company has acquisitions currently under consideration and when completed are expected to bring the company's portfolio value above $200,000,000 in proven energy reserves.

About Hybrid Energy Holdings

Hybrid Energy Holdings (HEH) acquires and operates profitable energy companies with strong historical cash-flow and sustainable profitability. HEH's acquisitions are focused primarily on traditional and proven fuel production and the latest in energy conservation and power co-generation technologies. HEH may acquire nascent energy technology or rights as portfolio enhancing assets. HEH's primary business strategy is the acquisition of diverse, profitable energy related assets that provide synergistic profits and revenue enhancements across all portfolio companies.

HEH believes its combination of profitability and mitigated-risk funding structures provides long-term shareholder equity appreciation.

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