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July 11, 2005 07:30 ET

Hybrid Technologies 'OTCBB:HYBT' Attracts CBS, NBC and FOX to Department of Energy Sponsored National Solar Car Event


Joint Venture with University of Berkeley Engineering puts Hybrid Technologies in the Forefront of the Nations Top Media; Newest Project a Huge Success for Hybrid's Engineers

Hybrid Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:HYBT) www.hybridtechnologies.com - and its subsidiary companies: R-Electric Car Co., Global Hybrid Corp., Solium Power Corp., and WhistlerTel - emerging leaders in the development and marketing of Lithium-powered and VoIP products worldwide is pleased to announce that due to the recent success of the acclaimed joint venture solar car produced in conjunction with University of Berkeley (Engineering), Hybrid Technologies will be the focus of major news coverage by the nation's top networks.

For an enhanced press release on the solar car event please view: http://www.hybridtechnologies.com/media.php?mediaID=050627

Hybrid Technologies will initiate its media junket with CBS on the morning of Saturday July 16th, 2005 and follow up with NBC and Fox later on that day. Hybrid will not only be highlighting its latest advanced lithium system to the media, it will also be introducing their newest advanced development engineer-consultant Martin Koebler, who will be presenting the vehicle to the media.

In an earlier statement Koebler, a graduate of the University of Berkeley himself, stated, "I'm excited to consult with Hybrid Technologies as they are on the forefront of developing production model consumer driven lithium ion vehicles. Lithium ion technology is ready today to implement into passenger vehicles that reach ranges of 100 - 200 miles. I've worked with Lithium packs extensively and was among the first engineers to prove Lithium ion packs can propel vehicles. I'm looking forward to accelerating the availability of Hybrid products to the consumer market and making a change happen to reduce our dependence on oil." Also visit: http://www.solarmotions.com

Hybrid Technologies will announce several new initiatives to the media at this event.

Media coverage will be made available on our website as well as highlights from the event.

On July 17th of 2005, a number of Ivy League Universities will begin racing their solar-powered cars north from Austin, TX over a ten day, 2,500 mile endurance competition. With students behind the wheels, the high-tech and high-efficiency solar cars will travel through the United States and Canada to the finish line in Calgary on July 27, 2005. A press event is scheduled in Calgary, Alberta Canada at the finish line to promote bilateral environmental initiatives between Canada, The United States and Mexico.

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Hybrid Technologies Inc. (OTCBB:HYBT) is an emerging leader in the development and marketing of Lithium powered products worldwide. We believe our superior technology, coupled with an aggressive marketing plan will establish our company on the world stage. With fuel prices at record high levels and the global focus moving rapidly towards addressing pollution, the need for sustainable, zero emission energy is current. As current legislation moves towards clean energy, we foresee this industry as one of the fastest growing segments within the global economy. Hybrid Technologies' applications encompass a variety of products used globally on a daily basis, while enabling consumers to enjoy the comfort and power to which they are accustomed. Everything from scooters, bicycles, mopeds motorcycles, small vehicles, watercraft, military applications and many other essential products have been successfully converted to Lithium power. The combination of our superior technology and mass-marketed products creates a unique market opportunity for our Company.

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