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August 03, 2005 04:32 ET

Hybrid Technologies 'OTCBB:HYBT' Introduces Millions of North Americans to the Acclaimed Hybrid Living Home


Worlds First Hybrid Home Receives Critical Acclaim from Top Political Figures and National Media

Hybrid Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:HYBT) www.hybridtechnologies.com - and its subsidiary companies: R-Electric Car Co., Global Hybrid Corp., Solium Power Corp., and WhistlerTel - emerging leaders in the development and marketing of Lithium-powered and VoIP products worldwide is pleased to announce that the multi-national unveiling of the Hybrid Living Home (www.hybridliving.com) generated unprecedented media and public attention. The home, currently under construction, has already been the focus of major media attention from such networks as MSNBC, The Discovery Channel, CBC, CTV, as well as local and high profile public figures and politicians.

For the latest media coverage of the Hybrid Living Home launch please view the enhanced version of this release at http://www.hybridtechnologies.com/media.php?mediaID=050803

Live progress on the Hybrid Home can be viewed by clicking: http://www.hybridliving.com/webcam.php

At the inauguration of the home, prominent figures including Dr. David Swann, Liberal Party Environmental Critic, congratulated Hybrid Technologies for its contribution to the advancement of environmental technologies and called for more governmental support of such projects.

Project partners such as Enviro Custom Homes (www.envirocustomhomes.ca), Smart Space (www.smartspace.ca), and Your Energy Company (www.yourenergycompany.net) spoke of the Lithium technology that enabled significant innovations to take place.

Martin Koebler, Advanced Technology Manager and Trend Forecaster for Hybrid Technologies, stated, "The Hybrid Living Home (HLH) is in a class of its own when compared to other environmentally focused houses. Unique is the combination of the latest alternative energy features with recent advances in Smart Home technologies. Energy efficient, environmentally friendly construction techniques and a healthy living lifestyle synthesize to allow electrical energy management and distribution through our proprietary control system. This makes use of our Lithium cell energy storage systems and provides an off-grid lifestyle".

The HLH launch coincides with the finish of the North American Solar Challenge. The UC Berkeley/Hybrid team finished the 2,500-mile race in 2nd place in its class. The Hybrid-powered solar racer utilized the same Lithium ion system utilized in the home. NBC, CBS and FOX featured Hybrid in their coverage of the event. For media coverage and enhanced press release on the Hybrid solar car please view: http://www.hybridtechnologies.com/media.php?mediaID=050719

Hybrid President, Holly Roseberry stated, "With the success of the North America solar race and now the attention the HLH is garnering, the future looks exceptionally bright. Bringing this technology to the forefront of public attention coupled with an aggressive marketing approach has been the key to our success in the past. We have raised the bar on environmental technology and are proud to bring it from the basement laboratories to homes and garages across North America."

For previous HLH press releases please view: http://www.hybridtechnologies.com/media.php?mediaID=050606

MSNBC will feature Hybrid Technologies on Friday August 6th, 2005.

The Calgary Sun newspaper will run a feature this Saturday August 6th, 2005.

The HLH should complete in February 2006 and is expected to host a new Discovery Channel reality series similar to "a thinking mans Big Brother". A contest will determine the four participants to live in the "most advanced environmental home" in North America to feature their interaction with the technology.

About MSNBC: www.msnbc.com

About the Hybrid Living Home: www.hybridliving.com

About Discovery Channel: www.discovery.ca

About the American Solar Challenge 2005: http://www.americansolarchallenge.org/index.html

About Hybrid Technologies - www.hybridtechnologies.com

Hybrid Technologies Inc. (OTCBB:HYBT) is an emerging leader in the development and marketing of Lithium powered products worldwide. We believe our superior technology, coupled with an aggressive marketing plan will establish our company on the world stage. With fuel prices at record high levels and the global focus moving rapidly towards addressing pollution, the need for sustainable, zero emission energy is current. We foresee this industry as one of the fastest growing segments within the global economy. Hybrid Technologies' applications encompass a variety of products used globally on a daily basis, while enabling consumers to enjoy the comfort and power to which they are accustomed. Everything from two to four wheel vehicles, watercraft, military applications and other products have been successfully converted to Lithium power. The combination of our superior technology and mass-marketed products creates a unique market opportunity for our Company.

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