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Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

September 13, 2007 11:53 ET

Hydro One and O.F.A.H. team up to airlift Birds of Prey at Wye Marsh

Media invited to get up close to stunning airlift operation

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, Environment Editor, News Editor, Photo Editor ONTARIO: O.F.A.H. MEDIA RELEASE/--(Marketwire - Sept. 13, 2007) - On Friday, September 14, starting at 9 a.m., a helicopter crew will touch down at the Wye Marsh, in Midland, as Hydro One assists in the delicate operation of airlifting 10, four-meter wide nesting structures to an area approved to host a formal bird breeding program.

Dismantling and moving the nests across land is not a viable option, and Wye Marsh staff and volunteers are grateful for a solution presented by members of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (O.F.A.H.). who approached Hydro One about utilizing the skills of its helicopter crew to orchestrate the rescue of the Wye Marsh's Birds of Prey Breeding Program.

"We are extremely fortunate that Hydro One, at the request of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, has stepped up with an exciting solution," said Laurie Schutt, Wye Marsh Executive Director. "They have offered to actually airlift the pens by helicopter to an adjacent property on Old Fort Road which was recently purchased with the support of a sponsor. A successful trial lift has already been completed in preparation for the removal of the remaining 10 aviaries. Once in place, all of the birds during this stage will have the advantage of a central and less public location with 24/7 monitoring by the staff that live full time on site."

The Birds of Prey Program, directed by Friends of Wye Marsh, has many facets, one of which is breeding. Aviaries are essential structures for this purpose, and were generously built at the Wye Marsh Site by Home Depot staff with the materials donated by RAM Forest Products. However, Environment Canada has made a request that the breeding program be moved off the National Wildlife Area of Wye Marsh. This will not affect the birds used for education programs and flight demonstrations; they will continue to reside at the Wye Marsh.


The media are invited to attend the operation to relocate nesting platforms that will be shackled by a 100-foot cable and airlifted almost one kilometer to the new home of the Wye Marsh's Bird of Prey Breeding Program. Lift-off starts following a media briefing at the Wye Marsh Centre at 9 am sharp. Representatives from the Wye Marsh, Hydro One and O.F.A.H. will also be on hand. /For further information: Denise Brophey
Wye Marsh Communications and Marketing Coordinator
705-526-7809 ext. 220/ IN: ENVIRONMENT, FISHERIES, SOCIAL

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