November 04, 2009 11:09 ET

Hydropower Reigns as Undisputed King of Renewable Energy

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 4, 2009) - SBI Energy, a leading energy market research firm and publisher of "Ocean Energy Technologies and Components Worldwide," has released "Hydropower Energy Technologies Worldwide: Large, Small, Mini, Micro and Pico." The report presents an in-depth analysis of the applications, products, manufacturers, and trends in the development of hydropower resources in the United States and around the world.

During the period 2009 through 2013, hydropower in all its forms is forecast to grow faster than it has in the past five years to meet the increasing need for renewable energy sources worldwide. The projected uptick marks a return to popularity for hydropower as the undisputed king of renewable energy boasting technologies that are proven and widely used, in addition to emerging technologies just beginning to enter the marketplace.

SBI Energy identifies several advantages hydropower has over other forms of electric generation that will help drive growth for the foreseeable future. Perhaps most importantly, hydropower is a clean, renewable energy source that can significantly reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and is the world's largest renewable energy source, far outstripping the generating capacity of wind, solar, and other sources of renewable energy. In addition, over 70% of potential hydro producing sites around the world are as yet unused, leaving significant room for possible growth.

"The future of hydropower looks brighter than it has in ten years," says Shelley Carr, publisher of SBI Energy. "Mandates and goals for renewable energy, carbon credits and trading, more streamlined licensing, rising fuel costs, and technical issues associated with other energy sources will all play a part in driving the future growth of hydropower."

Large scale hydro projects will not likely occur in the United States and other developed countries. Instead the application of smaller scale hydro projects has provided a substantial impetus for further development due to the continuing demand for more and cleaner electricity. China, the world leader in small hydropower operations with an installed capacity of 51 GW, is expected to continue to pace the rest of the world with a 47% increase in hydro electricity production by 2020. Over the next five years, Japan, the U.S., Italy, and Brazil are also expected to rank among the top producers of small hydro energy.

"Hydropower Energy Technologies Worldwide: Large, Small, Mini, Micro and Pico" provides a comprehensive assessment of the current hydropower market, the environmental concerns that have limited its growth in developed countries, the potential opportunities for new development, and the emerging technologies that harness the power of the ocean. Market sizes and trends are projected through 2013. For further information, visit:

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