HydroSphere Energy Solutions (Canada) Corp.

HydroSphere Energy Solutions (Canada) Corp.

October 28, 2014 09:30 ET

HydroSphere Energy Solutions (Canada) Corp. Announces Successful Cost-Effective Treatment of Sour Water to a Non-Detect Level

GRANDE PRAIRIE, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Oct. 28, 2014) - HydroSphere Energy Solutions (Canada) Corp. ("HydroSphere") is pleased to announce that it has successfully and cost-effectively removed hydrogen sulphide (H2S) from frac flowback and produced water sources to a non-detect level.

HydroSphere has now completed several on-site sour water treatment jobs reducing H2S concentrations of up to 12,000 ppm to 0 ppm ("non detectable"). Our client has estimated their net savings are in excess of $100,000 per well, including savings from re-using the treated water in subsequent fracs.

The mobile treatment process employs a powerful, liquid chemical-free combination of sciences that provide a very high rate treatment for bacteria, scale, organics and hydrogen sulphide while producing a fluid that is more compatible with other chemicals being used in the completions process. Unlike traditional scavengers that coat the outer walls of H2S molecules, the Ozonix® Advanced Oxidization Process fully oxidizes hydrogen sulphide, creating a safer fluid that can be recycled and reused in the fracturing process.

"We knew from our research and our pilots that Hydrosphere could treat sour water successfully and economically - so it's great to see the commercial performance outcomes exactly as planned," states Scott Donahue, HydroSphere's CEO. He continues, "Hydrosphere can also reduce the need for harmful chemical additives to the water. And, unlike other water treatment technologies, it's very rapid and leaves no residues."

Under an exclusive licensing agreement, HydroSphere's aim is to build a fleet of Ozonix® water treatment systems to service the industry's growing water challenges. HydroSphere's system takes what was once a waste stream and turn it into a valuable commodity, while reducing the need for fresh water.

Darren Aylesworth, HydroSphere's Operations Manager commented, "The Ozonix® EF10M is a fully mobile, self-contained, water treatment facility. When we combine HydroSphere's fluid transfer capabilities, our municipal wastewater partnership, and our team's energy waste water treatment, we're able to offer a complete water management solution that makes the absolute best use of existing water and represents a significant cost-saving to our clients."

About HydroSphere (www.hydrospherecorp.ca):

HydroSphere employs an industry-leading and patented technology called Ozonix®, under an exclusive license arrangement to successfully address many of the water-related issues facing the hydraulic fracturing ("fracing") industry. HydroSphere specializes in the removal of H2S, Microbial Control, and Scale Inhibition. We do this by partnering with our clients to create seamless and fully-integrated onsite solutions that save time, money and water.

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