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December 14, 2010 13:22 ET

Hygenall Reveals New Products to Reduce Lead Exposure From Common Decorations, Toys and Household Items

Toxic Holiday Decorations May Lower I.Q.

PORTSMOUTH, NH--(Marketwire - December 14, 2010) - Hygenall Corporation ( today unveiled a suite of new products that clean off microscopic quantities of heavy metal neurotoxins such as lead, which are showing up on everything from Christmas tree lights and sparkling decorations to common household items. Among other maladies, ingesting even minute quantities of lead can significantly impact cognitive abilities -- especially in children.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if ingested in even small amounts, lead can affect health in a variety of ways, including lowering I.Q. through cognitive problems, organ failure, and other diseases associated with chronic lead exposure. Hygenall products are built under license from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Michael McKinnon, CEO of Hygenall Corporation, highlights the problems with lead around the holiday season and expands upon his company's solution, "Lead particles so small that they are nearly invisible are often deposited on skin and surfaces, and eventually ingested by people and pets. The lead exposure in the home increases during the holiday season due to the handling of old and imported decorations and gifts received, including toys. These lead particles stick to skin and other surfaces through an electromagnetic bond that is difficult to disrupt. Soaps, wipes, disinfecting gels, while good for cleaning off dirt and germs, are not completely effective because they do not break the electromagnetic bond that makes lead stick to skin and surfaces."

The patented technology in Hygenall products is designed to safely disrupt the lead bond, and has shown to be highly effective even at microgram levels. These Hygenall products include:

  • Hygenall LeadOff ™ Wipes -- a non-rinse wipe that decontaminates where rinse water is not available.

  • Hygenall LeadOff™ Soap -- a foaming hand wash that replaces typical bathroom soaps.

  • Hygenall LeadOff Laundry™ -- a laundry detergent for removing lead from clothes.

  • Hygenall LeadOff™ Surface Cleaner -- a general purpose and lead decontamination surface cleaner for surfaces, and would replace typical cleaning spray products commonly found in the home.

"Once lead is ingested, usually through hand-to-mouth transfer, the body treats lead as if it were calcium which is used to create nerve, brain, and bone tissue," McKinnon continued. "Noticeable health issues occur when the body uses lead as building blocks instead of calcium."

Hygenall products are available through several retailers including Benjamin Moore, and online through, and IMMI, a minority woman owned, SBA 8(a), SBA SDB Certified, GNEMSDC Certified, and SWMWBA Certified government products supplier, and Procircuit, a supplier to the battery industry.

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Since Bloomberg BusinessWeek featured Hygenall as one of "America's Most Promising Start-ups" in 2009, Hygenall has worked hard to become the international thought leader in heavy metal decontamination with innovative technologies that help protect millions of people around the world from the ravages of lead and other toxic metal poisoning. Founded in 2007, Hygenall Corporation has deliberately taken leadership in the marketplace by creating solutions to reduce the impact of exposure to toxic metals. Hygenall differentiates itself by offering a range of products based on technology that was developed under critical scientific standards in government laboratories and bringing them to market at an affordable price. Most Hygenall products are made under license from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Hygenall is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama with offices throughout the Americas. Hygenall Corporation builds products for several markets including Industrial, Medical, Government, and Consumer. Hygenall brands include Hygenall LeadOff™, Hygenall HygaStat™, Hygenall HexOff™, Hygenall FieldWipes™, Hygenall FieldScrub™, Hygenall FieldWash™, and Hygenall Industrial™.

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