September 10, 2008 19:16 ET

Hyrian Survey: Job Candidates Receiving 2 or More Offers in Tough Talent Market for Employers

High Gas Prices Trim Distance That 70 Percent of Potential Employees Are Willing to Commute as Demand for Telecommuting Soars

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - September 10, 2008) - Nearly 40 percent of employment candidates report receiving two or more offers during their current search as a nationwide skills shortage and high gas prices conspire to shrink the talent pool, according to a new survey conducted by Hyrian (, a top recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firm.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents said they are reducing the distance they will consider commuting because of increased gas prices. An option to telecommute was deemed important by 70 percent of respondents as they search for their next job.

"While it seems counterintuitive given the weak economy, this is a tough talent market for employers," said Daniel Solomons, CEO and president of Hyrian. "The talent pool is becoming more and more shallow with the drain from retiring baby boomers already impacting available skilled candidates. A constricted commuting radius is further diminishing available prospects. As a result, employers must quickly learn how to manage telecommuting employees while most importantly, sharpening negotiating skills and intensifying recruitment."

Forty-two percent of candidates report they were offered more than one job during their current search. Sixteen percent received two offers; 13 percent, three offers; 6 percent, four; 5 percent, five; and two percent, six offers. Almost half, 47 percent, received at least one counter offer.

The survey found that employers often fail to provide closure for candidates or delay the selection process unnecessarily. For nearly half of respondents (45 percent), the worst part of the job search is never hearing back after an interview. Thirty-five percent said the process simply takes too much time. Other top complaints: hiring managers who are not prepared or knowledgeable (10 percent) and an excessive number of interviews for the same job (also 10 percent).

"Employers need to have better manners," Solomons said. "The theme we saw repeatedly in the results was the issue of respect. In many cases, potential employers are failing to show common courtesy to candidates."

More than 230 prospective management employees from 32 states were surveyed throughout the second quarter of 2008. All data collection was conducted by Creative Qualitative to ensure confidentiality.

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