SOURCE: Author Bethany Mooradian

Author Bethany Mooradian

June 25, 2012 15:02 ET

'I Got Scammed So You Don't Have To' -- Title Says It All

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Jun 25, 2012) - Bethany Mooradian shares her experiences as "Queen of the Random Job" in her new book, "I Got Scammed So You Don't Have To" (, a guide for finding legitimate work in an economy of scammers.

"At one point, I was even Ronald McDonald's bodyguard," she says.

Mooradian came up with an acronym to help as a general outline to avoid scams: SCRAM. S = scrutinize the source; C = check for affiliate links and fees; R = research the heck out of every detail; A = ask for more information; M = mouse over images and links to see what website you end on before you click.

Her book also includes ideas for income opportunities most people are not aware of, including:

  • Being a Virtual Assistant: If you have computer and internet skills, you can work as a VA doing general secretarial work or processing orders at home. Many companies are seeing the benefit of "homesourcing" instead of "outsourcing" because overhead is reduced, and customers get to speak to local operators who understand the language and culture.
  • Mystery shopping: Mooradian has created a video and book training course on this topic titled "The Mystery Shopper Training Program," which can be found on her website, as well as through Amazon and local bookstores. Mystery shoppers are paid to surreptitiously check out the behavior of employees in retail shops, restaurants, apartments, banks, and even on cruise ships and resorts.
  • Writing: The internet is all about content, and there are many sites that will pay per article or per click for a well-written piece. Or you can start a blog and run advertisements and affiliate programs to create income.

"The internet is full of information, but finding useful leads for jobs or making extra money can be nearly impossible. It really depends on your own skill-set and interests, which is why I provide over 300 legitimate companies, ideas, and resources for money-seekers," she says.

About Bethany Mooradian

For 13 years Bethany Mooradian has lived the random-job lifestyle, working as a puppeteer, dog walker, standardized test scorer, parade float fabricator, elderly caregiver, phone book deliverer, mystery shopper, virtual assistant and more. The "Queen of the Random Job" has written two books and teaches classes in both Seattle and online to assist others looking for extra income.

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