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September 15, 2009 07:15 ET

i-Meet Announces Social Media Supplier Listings

Online Community Moves Forward With Web 2.0 Tools for Suppliers

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - September 15, 2009) - i-Meet (, the professional and social network for people who plan meetings and events, announced today a new future approach to supplier listings that features social media and web 2.0 features. Interactive 2.0 Listings are available to reserve now, and will be released to the i-Meet community before the end of the year.

Jennifer Long, Director of E-commerce at Millennium Hotels and Resorts North America, endorsed the new concept: "i-Meet has advanced the value of supplier listings by bringing them into the world of social media interactivity. Opening up a dialogue online allows relationships to build in a more dynamic environment. We like the fact that our listings can engage prospects and customers, and we're excited about the ability to re-purpose with other social media messaging that we already produce."

"We understand that suppliers have the desire to be active with social media," said John Pino, i-Meet's Founder and CEO. "We're confident that our new approach will showcase suppliers in a much better way -- allowing them to engage their customers and prospects, and delivering interactive capabilities that should improve the number and quality of people relationships that can ultimately become customers. Rather than displaying static pages of information, we're all about engaging people to see all kinds of rich content, allowing members to communicate easily, simplifying information requests, and displaying relevant information real-time."

i-Meet's Interactive 2.0 Listings support social networking and profiling capabilities, and can deliver RSS newsfeeds and other social media site feeds, including Facebook and Twitter. A guest book feature allows two-way communication and feedback loops. The listings give i-Meet members the ability to "follow" a supplier proactively, and to request information for future events (RFI).

The benefits for meeting planners include the ability to see, at a glance, much more supplier related content, including ratings, newsfeeds, special offers, photos, videos and the profiles of supplier sales and servicing employees. "It's what our industry needs going forward," said Myrtle Dwyer, Director at Glamour Destination Management for Jamaica and the Caribbean. "We'll be able to show so much more about what we can offer, and in many different formats. And it's easier to communicate and reply to information requests, which is important in working with so many deadlines."

i-Meet's worldwide online community ( continues to grow rapidly, and we're grateful for the support we enjoy," said Pino. "Since we are in the business of connecting people, this new approach to supplier content listings should be good for our entire membership. It takes away some of the anguish around 'what to do in social networks' for suppliers, and it should help generate more leads."

Suppliers interested in reserving their Interactive 2.0 Listings should contact i-Meet at

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