February 27, 2008 11:00 ET

i-SAFE Recognizes Hawaii's Commitment to e-Safety Education

66,000 Hawaii Students Are Trained to Be Safe and Responsible Online

CARLSBAD, CA--(Marketwire - February 27, 2008) - The i-SAFE e-Safety curriculum taught in 271 public and private Hawaiian schools is having a demonstrably favorable impact on the online lives of students across the Islands. Half (50%) of the students completing online surveys after i-SAFE lessons reported they'll be less likely to meet an Internet acquaintance face to face. Nearly three-quarters (71%) agreed that they will now be more careful about where they go and what they'll do on the Internet. Fifty-two percent of students are now more careful about sharing personal information online. And, even when it comes to music piracy, i-SAFE lessons have changed the minds of 52% of potential illegal downloaders.*

"We began our relationship with Hawaii educators five years ago," says Teri Schroeder, i-SAFE CEO and Program Director. "At that time, it took incredible foresight for them to see the need for e-Safety education; however, their leadership in raising awareness and educating their students has brought about these phenomenal results. I applaud our Hawaii partners at the Hawaii Department of Education (HDOE), Kamehameha schools, and the Hawaii Catholic School Department (HCSD)."

Interestingly, both houses of Hawaii's Legislature are currently considering e-Safety bills (H.B. 2899 and S.B. 2106) requiring the HDOE to implement a comprehensive 3-year pilot project on Oahu that includes classroom-based education and community awareness -- much like the i-SAFE program -- which is already being implemented at no charge. "The pending legislation in regards to Internet safety just validates that the Hawaii Department of Education, in partnership with i-SAFE for five years already, is ahead of the curve in proactively ensuring the safety of our keiki online," says Stephen Kow, HDOE Educational Specialist for Educational Technology. "It's great when Hawaii shows the rest of our nation how things ought to be done right."

The i-SAFE Program ( has now reached 4.2 million students across the United States. It blends classroom lessons with community outreach designed to foster active participation between students and their instructors, and empowers students to reach out to their peers through mentoring activities, as well as to their parents and community members. Strategic partnerships help i-SAFE raise awareness beyond the classroom in Hawaii.

i-SAFE on the Islands:

--  i-SAFE is partnered with Hawaii DOE Service Learning and, in January
    2007, i-SAFE developed the first "Hawaiian culture e-Safety curriculum"
    that is being disseminated to schools statewide.
--  Hawaii Infragard called on i-SAFE to help plan its 2007 Internet
    safety Public Service Announcement (PSA) contest open to Hawaii's middle
    and high school, as well as the awards ceremony.
--  i-SAFE and Oceanic Time-Warner Cable have recently entered into an
    agreement to provide e-Safety materials to its customers, including videos
    produced for television and content on a new i-SAFE section of the Around
    Hawaii Web site.
--  i-SAFE, working with the Sex Abuse Treatment Center at Kapiolani
    Medical Center in Honolulu, provides an introductory lesson on cyber safety
    as part of the "My Body, My Boundaries" curriculum for 3rd to 5th grade
    students. The i-SAFE section includes a complete lesson plan, reproducible
    resource and activity pages, and an accompanying song on CD. This
    curriculum, which is provided through teacher-training sessions, is
    endorsed by the Hawaii DOE and actively promoted to teachers within its
    school system.  In the coming months, these materials will be offered to
    Hawaii's independent schools.

"Partnering with i-SAFE was very advantageous for us in developing our sexual abuse prevention curriculum," says Christine Trecker, Community Education Manager of the Sex Abuse Treatment Center. "Preventing online sexual victimization of children is a top priority for us and incorporating i-SAFE's excellent educational materials into our curriculum definitely strengthened it."

Investing in i-SAFE is an investment in the safety of our children. Partner with i-SAFE. Contact i-SAFE at

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*2005-'06 NAC post-assessments from Hawaii students

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