Mercier Films Inc.

Mercier Films Inc.

May 17, 2005 10:57 ET


Attention: Arts/Entertainment Editor, Assignment Editor, Education Editor, Lifestyle Editor, Tech/Telecomm Editor MONTREAL--(CCNMatthews - May 17, 2005) - My name is Jean Mercier. I am a proud Québécois and Canadian. Born in a small town, named La Tuque, I was lucky in life. Lots of love in a humble home taugh me so many essential things about life. I am a filmmaker, and a writer. Over the years, I think I had well over 200 employees. Most of them were very good and dedicated. Some of them were not so good. Some of them were thiefs.
I made many business deals over the years, selling my films in well over 55 countries. I have signed agreements with many international reknown companies. Some of them, worth my trust, some of them taking me on a ride most would see as a nightmare. My last film was sold in many territories all over the world. My Canadian distributor did not pay me or gave me any proper reports, and did not honor its word. As a result, I could not pay my own debts and now, most of my old time associates say that I am a crook myself. I look into your eyes, and I still trust you Paul Martin. I know that when people are acting for their own profit, they hide behind closed doors, they don't go to the bank to take an arrangement, they don't sit and still trust people like you do. I know liars have no dignity like you do. No matter what they say, I still trust you Paul Martin. I know you were lucky too in life. And I know for sure that you truly don't need such distress as you are going through right now. So I know that you truly feel for the needy ones of this world when you say you do. And I trust that Canadians still know after all, how to see with their heart too.I trust that they will remember what makes this country so amazingly different and such a land of promises for all walks of life. I trust that common sense and compassion will prevail. And for that, I do trust you Paul Martin. Oh please, if you get this, would you send my best regards to Jack Layton? He is quite a guy too. Good luck to you, and thanks for the lesson of dignity you show us everyday day just by standing up.

An humble citizen; Jean Mercier, Montreal, Canada

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