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April 25, 2008 17:39 ET

iDayo International, Inc. Completes Purchase of Assets From iDayo Investor, Inc. -- Effective April 24, 2008

CARSON CITY, NV--(Marketwire - April 25, 2008) - iDayo International, Inc. has purchased all assets of iDayo Investor, Inc., including but not limited to, all intellectual property rights in the iDayo Indicator™ ( -- effective April 24, 2008. The iDayo Indicator™ is the most successful financial service available to the retail or institutional investor through an equity-selecting, online-subscription membership. The asset purchase included all trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets.

The purchase price, paid through a combination of cash, preferred stock and common stock, exceeded $2.8 Million. iDayo International, Inc. has agreed to share with iDayo Investor, Inc. and Jeffrey Steinberg a percentage of performance fees and/or management fees earned by hedge funds and other institutional managers through the use of the proprietary technology of the iDayo Indicator™.

iDayo International, Inc. is also pleased to have retained the services of Jeffrey Steinberg, the founder and architect of the iDayo Indicator™, which will ensure a smooth transition and maintain the same level of accuracy in reading and analyzing the iDayo Indicator™ that has provided a 10-year track record of 42% plus average annual returns without having incurred any losing years.

CEO Michael Lafferman stated, "We at iDayo International, Inc. are incredibly pleased about our recent acquisition. The iDayo Indicator™ is a treasure that we envision thousands of investors to benefit from! However, we would like to again alert ALL subscribers to the iDayo Indicator™ that any stock portfolios posted on after April 7, 2008 are not authorized by the legal owner of the iDayo Indicator™. On April 21, 2008, an individual that has had permission from iDayo Investor, Inc. to sell the iDayo Indicator™ Subscription had seized control of the website and published a stock portfolio on without iDayo Investor, Inc.'s permission. This stock portfolio was allegedly based upon the iDayo Indicator™. Notably, two of the five stocks posted on on April 21, 2008 have already lost 20% each in 3 days' time. (operable but under construction), the official website of the iDayo Indicator™, did NOT post any stock portfolios on April 21, 2008."

According to Jeffrey Steinberg, "I have operated the iDayo Indicator™ for the past 10 years and would not have selected any of the stocks picked by this individual through the normal course and proprietary operation of the iDayo Indicator™."

CEO Michael Lafferman also stated, "Please know that all authorized portfolios are currently being posted on (operable but under construction). If you are a subscriber and you want access to the OFFICIAL AND AUTHORIZED stock portfolios of the iDayo Indicator™, please contact us immediately at 1.877.577.1555 or email us at

"iDayo International, Inc. and its attorneys are reviewing the unauthorized use of the iDayo Indicator™."

You are invited to come meet Executive Management of iDayo International, Inc. at the upcoming LAS VEGAS - Money Show, May 12-15, 2008

About the Company:

iDayo International, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation and is the owner of the iDayo Indicator™. iDayo International, Inc. is a privately-held financial services company with corporate offices in Nevada and Independent Sales Offices world-wide. We are a fully integrated financial services brand built upon the information provided by the iDayo Indicator™ Proprietary Technology Platform -- intellectual property that has been acquired from iDayo Investor, Inc. We are a monetization facilitator for unique financial products for the equity investor around the world. We are creating through affiliates, joint ventures, and acquisitions, a niche financial social network based on the World Wide Web that will be . . . THE Leader in Return on Investment & TIME™. The iDayo Indicator™ stocks appeared in every Forbes issue for 2.5 years! Furthermore, the iDayo Indicator™ has been featured and praised by the world's most known financial news media including but not limited to: CBS Market Watch, Online Investor, Mutual Funds Magazine, Bloomberg Radio and Barron's.

iDayo International, Inc. is not registered Investment Advisor or Broker/Dealer, and does not provide investment advice or recommendations. Subscribers to the iDayo Indicator™ are advised that the information, opinions, and analysis included in our web sites or in any communication are based in good faith on sources believed to be reliable, but no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to their accuracy, completeness, or correctness. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of the future performance of stocks posted. None of these postings, nor the iDayo Indicator™ rating, nor any other information provided on our web sites or through any other communication constitutes a recommendation to buy or sell stocks or any other investment. Investing involves the risk of loss and readers are urged to consult with their own independent financial advisors with respect to any investment.

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