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November 03, 2009 19:32 ET

iTokk, Inc. Announces Commercial Release of iTokk Click-to-Call

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 3, 2009) - iTokk, Inc. (OTCBB:IKTO) is pleased to announce the commercialization of iTokk Click-to-Call. Leveraging the Npoints-framework platform, our growing network of resellers are now able to offer businesses an exciting new product to help them increase online sales, customer response, and customer retention, with the simple click of a button.

"Creating simple solutions and getting back to the basics is how iTokk is partnering with business," said Angelo Soukas, President of iTokk. "When a call is free and only one click away, it has a positive impact for a business because there are fewer barriers to connect to customers. That can result in more qualified leads, more engagement, and a higher rate of conversion for a business."

iTokk Click-to-Call Buttons are a simple and effective alternative to posting a telephone or 1-800 number online. Web visitors simply click a button image or text link, enter their phone number and iTokk INSTANTLY connects them free of charge. No downloads or headsets required. Connects any regular landline or mobile phone. iTokk Click-to-Call buttons provides web site visitors exactly what they want, a human voice and a quick, effective, and free method of communication to contact a real person to directly inquire and get answers about their business.


- iTokk Click-to-Call officially launches following a successful one year beta period (over 5000 registered beta members)
- Beta users in several key industries such as real estate reported an increase in overall call volume and conversion rates when using iTokk Click-to-Call
- Corporate interest in iTokk Click-to-Call has increased significantly

The beta release of iTokk Click-to-Call experienced positive reviews from a variety of target markets. Realtors, insurance agents, investor relations companies, bed and breakfast and hotels alike reported increased call volume and as a result, higher closing rates from the leads generated through the iTokk Click-to-Call service.

Prices start at US$99.95 per year, iTokk Click-to-Call is affordable, and will soon be a necessity for all businesses looking to increase sales and customer service. "We want our customers to put their call buttons and widgets on as many web pages, emails and online marketing campaigns as possible, to help exceed their sales goals and ultimately help build our brand as the premiere service in connecting businesses and their customers together, continued Soukas." Other than the basic monthly subscription fee, our customers are only charged if they receive calls from the people they email or who visit their website so it's an incredible value proposition for our customers."

According to Forester Research, Fortune 500 Companies that used click-to-call widgets on only their websites experienced huge increases in their rates of contact, closure and customer satisfaction. Closure went from 2% to 12%, website abandonment dropped dramatically, and ROI was in the multiple hundreds of a percent annually. Value add services such as click to call are now generating over 30% of all broadband revenue according to Point.

iTokk has also updated the consumer version of iTokk Click-to-Call and both and websites have received full makeovers for design and user friendliness.

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iTokk, Inc., the world's most innovative communications company, offers flexible, next-generation telephony solutions for consumers and businesses. iTokk's flagship product Npoints-Framework and developers platform make it simpler, cheaper and faster to build communications functionality into applications, enabling carriers and networks to introduce new revenue-generating voice services in days, rather than months. By combining the iTokk platform and innovative products with carriers across the globe, iTokk has the potential to deliver the industries most explosive growth of innovation and in IP telephony. The worlds newest leading global IP telephony company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with offices in Canada, UK and India.

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