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August 14, 2007 11:30 ET

iambic Unleashes Powerful Call Management Solution for Palm OS Treos

YourCall 2.0 Provides a Comprehensive Selection of Actions That Can Be Taken Before, During and After a Call

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - August 14, 2007) - iambic, Inc., a leading provider of productivity enhancement software for handheld computers (PDAs and smartphones), today announced the release of YourCall 2.0 for Palm OS, a comprehensive, multifaceted solution for Treo call management. It was created to help Treo owners, whether casual users or business professionals, proactively handle all aspects of the mobile communications process.

YourCall provides a selection of actions that can be taken before, during and after a call. For example, YourCall's "Auto Actions" feature lets users set up ahead of time what type of action will take place when a call is received. During a call, a user can tap into Phone Number 411 Lookup via Google SMS to get more information about the caller. Plus, meetings and To Dos can be created on the spot without having to wait until the call is over. After hanging up, while the information is still fresh, YourCall 2.0 prompts for such post-call activities as jotting down notes or creating a journal entry, setting up meetings, generating To Dos, or even placing a call to another contact to pass on information.

YourCall also serves as a "behind the scenes" time-billing assistant that can help busy professionals keep track of call details such as date, start time and duration automatically.

"We are very excited about what YourCall 2.0 for Palm OS enables users to accomplish," said Adriano Chiaretta. "The way we see it, the disruptive nature of phone calls will be a thing of the past. YourCall lets Treo users get more done, immediately, so that by the time the call is over, or shortly thereafter, they can easily move on to the next thing."

Key Features: Some new features included in YourCall for Palm OS, Version 2.0 include:

--  The "Auto Actions" capability, which enables YourCall to automatically
    take action when a call comes in. Auto Actions include meeting creation,
    contact logging, journal logging, call rejection with voicemail
    redirection, call pickup and hang-up, and post call dialog bypass.
--  The Incoming Call Management Dialog Screen, which now includes Photo
    Caller ID, City-level location information, Block Caller, Ignore with Text
    and Quick Select & Ignore with Text capabilities.
--  The On-Call Management Dialog Screen, which in addition to the basic
    functionalities, now also brings in Photo Caller ID, Quick Contact / Task /
    Appointment lookup, On-The-Fly Contact / Task Appointment creation and
    linking, Address Mapping, and phone number 411 lookup via Google SMS.
--  The ability to set "Ignore times" during certain hours and/or days of
    the week has been added, which enables users to automatically ignore all
    calls that come in during these specified times.

More information is available at

Pricing and Availability:

YourCall for Palm OS 2.0 can be downloaded and purchased from The Professional edition, which takes the entire call experience (before, during and after) to a higher level, is $19.95. The Standard edition, which is focused on post call activities, is $14.95. For information on upgrade options, visit

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