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November 09, 2011 08:00 ET

IANS Introduces Information Security Investment Analysis Service to Quantify Benefit of Information Security Technology Investments

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Nov 9, 2011) - IANS, an advisory firm focused exclusively on information security, IT risk management and compliance, introduced today the Information Security Investment Analysis (ISIA) service, a methodology-based utility that enables information security professionals to assess and quantify the benefits of information security investments. ISIA provides an expert, transparent, credible and detailed report demonstrating the return on information security investments for IANS' clientele. For more information about ISIA visit

"One of the most persistent challenges for information security professionals is communicating the value of a potential solution to other members of the senior management team," said Dave Shackleford, Senior Vice president of Research and Chief Technology Officer, IANS. "In the past, the only way to demonstrate success was through a lack of incidents. Basically, the absence of failure inferred success. With ISIA, the information security team will be able to share with the rest of the organization a projection of the potential benefits from an information security solution prior to implementation and be able to share that information throughout the organization using a format all executives can understand."

ISIA resolves the traditional problem of how to measure the value of an investment in security by adapting a traditional return on investment methodology to account for the elements unique to a modern information security program. The ISIA methodology developed by IANS adds the objective value with the risk value, infrastructure value and agility value, and then deducts the objective costs, infrastructure costs and agility costs to establish an exact accounting of the return on a security investment.

Q1 Labs, an IBM Company and a provider of high-value, cost effective security intelligence products, was an early pilot program participant. "By using ISIA with Q1 Radar© Security Intelligence Platform, we are able to demonstrate for our clients the benefits of investing in clear business terms," said John Burnham, vice president of corporate marketing at Q1 Labs. "ISIA allows us to clearly articulate the value our prospects can expect to achieve using our solution. An analysis service such as this is a tremendous aid for our business development efforts because we enable information security professionals to logically position security investments to their executive."

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