Industrial Accident Prevention Association

Industrial Accident Prevention Association

May 05, 2008 09:00 ET

IAPA: North American Occupational Safety and Health Week Runs May 4-10

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 5, 2008) - When it comes to ensuring your health and safety at work, are you ready to Start Today and Live it Every Day? If so, get out and participate in North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week, which runs from May 4 to 10, 2008. The slogan for NAOSH Week 2008 is Safety & Health: A Commitment for Life.

NAOSH Week was launched in 1997 when Canada, the United States, and Mexico signed an agreement to celebrate and increase awareness of occupational health and safety. Each year, health and safety advocates and organizations across North America host, sponsor, and participate in events to increase awareness of the benefits of practicing health and safety at work, home, and in the community. These events range from training sessions on health and safety issues to personal protection gear and health and safety scavenger hunts - anything to engage people and raise awareness about health and safety in the workplace.

Here are some numbers for you to ponder about workplace health and safety in Canada and Ontario. It's estimated that nearly one million working Canadians were injured while on the job in 2006(1). There were 976 workplace fatalities in Canada that same year, an average of 2.7 a day(2). In Ontario, there were 336,851 reported workplace injuries and 373 fatalities(3). More must be done to ensure every worker in this country returns home safely at the end of the day.

NAOSH Week provides an opportunity for employers and workers to review their health and safety programs in the hope of reducing workplace incidents. For instance, workers can take this time to review their health and safety roles and responsibilities. Employers can demonstrate their commitment to ensuring the well-being of their employees by implementing health and safety programs and by making sure that policies and procedures are followed. Protecting the health and safety of workers is not only a legal requirement, but the right thing to do.

Not sure where to start? Start by answering the 10 questions outlined in the accompanying checklist. To access an electronic copy of the checklist, go to the IAPA (Industrial Accident Prevention Association) website, The purpose of the checklist is to get you thinking about health and safety requirements and also to be mindful of workplace injury and illness prevention.

NAOSH Week may only last one week, but working towards an incident-free workplace requires a lifelong commitment. Let NAOSH Week inspire you to make that Commitment to Life.

So Start Today! Live it Every Day!

Submitted by IAPA (Industrial Accident Prevention Association), a not-for-profit organization operating in Ontario since 1917. Representing more than 50,000 member firms and in excess of 1.5 million Ontario workers, IAPA is Canada's leading workplace health and safety organization.


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North American Occupational Safety and Health Week
May 4 - 10, 2008

If you require some additional information or assistance with your health and safety practices, check out the resources to help you Start Today with implementing them in your workplace.

The goal of North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week is to focus the attention of employers, employees, the general public, and all partners in occupational safety and health on the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace, at home and in the community. The slogan is Safety and Health: A Commitment for Life, and this year's theme is Start Today! Live it Every Day!

Use this checklist during NAOSH Week to show your commitment to health and safety by implementing safe work practices every day. You can also view the checklist at:

1. Does your workplace have a written, up-to-date and posted health and safety policy and a program to implement the policy?

2. Does everyone in your workplace know their current obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act or the Canada Labour Code Part II, as well as the relevant regulations and amendments?

3. Does everyone know the worker representative or committee members whose role it is to address health and safety issues?

4. Does your workplace have a system to conduct planned health and safety inspections that includes training, responsibilities and checklists?

5. In your workplace, is health and safety training provided to staff, and especially vulnerable workers (e.g. new, immigrant, young, aging) who may be unfamiliar with the job?

6. Is the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) education program current and reviewed annually and when materials or processes change?

7. Do the workers in your workplace know how to report health and safety concerns and hazards?

8. Is your workplace emergency response plan posted, up-to-date and practiced regularly?

9. Does your workplace have a program to recognize, assess and control hazards such as MSD (musculoskeletal disorders), MVI (motor vehicle incidents), equipment entanglement, falls, workplace violence and electrical hazards? (MSD are injuries that affect muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Some examples include: back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and tenosynovitis.)

10. Is the health and safety record of your workplace considered when management performance is evaluated?

This checklist was developed by the Ontario NAOSH Network, a coalition of the province's health and safety partners.

North American Occupational Safety and Health Week
Partners in illness and injury prevention

Canadian Centre for Occupational Ontario Ministry of Labour
Health and Safety 1-800-268-8013
Ontario Safety Association for
Canadian Society of Safety Engineering Community and Healthcare
(416) 646-1600 1-877-250-7444

Construction Safety Association of Ontario Service Safety Alliance
Ontario 1-888-478-6772

Education Safety Association of Prevention Dynamics
Pulp and Paper Health and Safety
Electrical & Utilities Safety (705) 474-7233
Radiation Safety Institute of
Farm Safety Association Incorporated 1-800-263-5803
Safe Communities Foundation
Human Resources and (416) 964-0008
Social Development Canada
1-800-463-2493 Technical Safety and Standards
Industrial Accident Prevention
1-800-406-4272 Threads of Life
Institute for Work & Health
(416) 927-2027 Transportation Health and Safety
Association of Ontario
Mines and Aggregates Safety and 1-800-263-5016
Health Association
(705) 474-7233 Workers Health and Safety Centre
Municipal Health and Safety
Association of Ontario
(905) 890-2040 Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
Prevention Division
Occupational Health Clinics for 1-800-663-6639
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Ontario Forestry Safe Workplace Young Worker Awareness Program
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