April 12, 2007 18:33 ET

iBAHN's Hotel and Conference Internet Networks Are Among the Most Secure in the U.S.

iBAHN's Broadband Internet Networks Protect Users From Identity and Data Thieves

SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 12, 2007 -- iBAHN, the leading global provider of secure wired and wireless broadband applications in public places like hotels and conference facilities, today issues a statement that its Internet network is among the most secure public networks in existence, following recent media coverage implying that most hotel networks are inherently insecure. Unlike other hotel and conference wired and wireless networks, iBAHN's network safeguards the traffic sent and received through users' computers, and most importantly, protects the documents stored on the hard drive from identity and data thieves who are continuously scanning the network for vulnerable users.

"While it is great to see Internet security being discussed more often in the media, we need to be careful about making blanket statements about the hotel and conference networks throughout the United States," said David Garrison, CEO of iBAHN. He added, "From its inception, iBAHN has built a high level of security into its end-to-end networks, making them among the most secure in the nation."

An insecure network in a bookstore, coffee shop, hotel or airport exposes the user not only to viruses and spyware but also potentially exposes information on the hard drive. iBAHN is continually scanning its network for attacks and turns back over one million viruses each month. At any given moment, the company's Global Command Center is monitoring nearly 40,000 devices for security and reliability.

"Our clients -- national hotel chains, conference centers and Fortune 500 businesses -- choose us because they know that we are protecting their users' traffic and the documents that are stored on their hard drives from hackers and identity thieves," Garrison said. "Ask for the iBAHN network on your next business trip to know that you're safe."

iBAHN is at the forefront of Internet security. Its network has been tested by leading corporations, hoteliers and military units and has been found to be one of the most secure public network in existence. However, all Internet usage has risks so iBAHN recommends taking the following steps to ensure the safety and security of your e-mails, content and stored documents:

--  Disable or block file sharing (and all other network services) on
    interfaces used for broadband access
--  Enable Windows Firewall or (preferably) install a third-party personal
--  Use file encryption, available in Windows XP Professional and other
--  Choose non-obvious passwords to deter notebook, data, and server
--  Use a VPN or encrypted mobile application, ideally with two-factor
    (hardware or biometric) authentication
--  Choose public Wi-Fi access that provides enhanced security services
--  Connect only to known SSIDs, using WPA/802.1X to verify the server's
--  Disable ad-hoc mode and automated connection to non-preferred SSIDs
--  Use a host intrusion detection agent to detect/prevent risky
    connections, including bridging between wireless and wired interfaces

More information on Internet security and safety tips can be found on iBAHN's web site:

"With more people using broadband and demanding broadband during their business trips, Internet security will grow in importance," Garrison said. "iBAHN has always taken security seriously, and our clients and their Internet users can rely on this and know that they are safe on our network."

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