June 30, 2016 13:00 ET

iBeat Introduces Core Values and Reveals Key to Employee Happiness and Productivity

Wearable Tech Company iBeat Announces Six New Core Values and Introduces the 18-Day Work Month -- a Shortened Workweek That Offers Employees True Work Life Balance

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - June 30, 2016) - iBeat, a wearable technology company empowering people to live longer lives, today announced its core values and introduced the 18-Day Work Month -- a work schedule that gives employees every other Friday off. iBeat firmly believes the key to employee happiness and productivity is ensuring employees have a true work life balance -- one in which they can pursue things they love outside the office. To promote this belief, the company has adopted six new core values that support a balanced work life and urges companies to follow suit by also introducing the 18-Day Work Month to their teams.

"In today's workplace, many companies only focus on millennial-esque perks -- team happy hours, a fully stocked kitchen, logo-emblazed hoodies, or an in-office Ping-Pong table," said Ryan Howard, founder and CEO of iBeat. "But what really motivates a team is giving them a work life balance that offers the freedom to pursue life outside the office. By giving employees every other Friday off, they have more time to spend time with their kids, get away for the weekend, or even just run errands. In turn, the team is much more present and focused during the normal workweek and comes back feeling more refreshed, happy, and alert. They're more productive and driven."

Employees, in the Bay Area in particular, report spending more and more time working these days, and perks and benefits can make a big impact on their in-the-office happiness. The majority of companies in the valley offer the same run-of-the-mill incentives, making distinctions between benefits negligible. Organizations that expect to attract and retain top talent employees need to be more flexible in their work schedules and offer a unique incentive that truly promotes employee happiness -- the 18-Day Work Month.

iBeat places a tremendous emphasis on attracting and retaining top talent. The company aims to find remarkable individuals who are mission-driven and will be with with the company long-term. To facilitate this growth, the team has also adopted six new core values:

  1. We execute without excuses - iBeat hires team players that are self-starters, scrappy, and can get the work done without whining, bitching, or complaining.
  2. We are radically honest - iBeat believes in being honest, especially in trying times, and having the courage to have hard conversations with leadership and fellow employees in order to always push the company forward.
  3. We put community first - At all times, iBeat favors the community's needs over team and individuals' needs. The company also takes part in Pledge 1%, where one percent of the company's equity, time, and product go towards helping the surrounding community.
  4. We are pros - Similar to a professional sports team, iBeat employees consistently act in the best interest of the team and realize that getting to the goal post is more important than who gets credit.
  5. We are operationally ruthless - A company cannot be in service to the people who need its product most unless it runs its business with precision. Every iBeat employee has responsibility for the success of the whole company and makes decisions as if he or she were the CEO.
  6. We work to live, not live to work - iBeat firmly believes work should not stifle one's pursuit of life. It strives to create a functional environment where every employee is emotionally and physically balanced and promotes this with its 18-Day Work Month incentive.

iBeat also has a strict "no a**hole" policy. Bullying behavior in the workplace worsens morale and productivity and leads to a dysfunctional work environment. iBeat aims to instill this policy and its above core values in every new hire, helping ensure each has a voice and true passion for the company and its mission of empowering people with the freedom to be fearless, explore and live longer lives.

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Located in the heart of San Francisco, iBeat is a technology company empowering people to live longer lives. The company is currently building a breakthrough life monitoring smart watch that perpetually monitors and analyzes users' 24-7 heart activity, allowing them and their loved ones to take a more active role in their heart health, and ultimately live longer, more stress-free lives. In the case of a life-threatening emergency, iBeat will instantly alert the user, their loved ones, and emergency responders in real-time, helping ensure immediate care delivery and potentially saving the user's life.

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