March 04, 2008 09:30 ET

IBM Announces Services for Collaboration

Introducing the ROI of Social Networking for Business

ARMONK, NY--(Marketwire - March 4, 2008) - IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced new services to help organizations use collaboration and social networking to maximize employee talent and performance.

The Enterprise Adaptability services include a unique methodology to determine the return on investment of social networking, use of large scale communications programs to jumpstart adoption, automatic identification of key talent, and social network analysis.

Building on IBM's leadership in Web 2.0, portal, enterprise content management and collaboration technologies, Enterprise Adaptability is an important part of IBM's overall consulting and software portfolio to give clients new tools for harnessing the talent and expertise that lies within their organizations, across organizations, and with their partners and customers.

According to IBM's 2008 Global Human Capital Study, which surveyed 400 executives in 40 countries, developing an organization that is adaptable to change is essential. However, the study found only 14 percent of those organizations believed they were highly adaptable, meaning they have the ability to predict future skills, effectively locate experts and effectively collaborate within and outside the enterprise.

With Enterprise Adaptability companies can learn how to embed Web 2.0 technologies into the fabric of business operations, allowing employees, partners and customers to communicate, establish new business relationships and make real-time decisions within the context of their everyday work.

The service encompasses three phases:

--  Planning - determines the business case for implementing social
    networking and collaboration capabilities by analyzing current interaction
    patterns among employees, partners and customers. Assesses an
    organization's current capabilities and barriers to adoption, prioritizes
    focus areas and creates an implementation plan.
--  Adoption - helps introduce collaborative and social networking
    technologies to an organization through online collaborative events such as
    company-wide collaborative events (based on IBM's Innovation Jams) or
    smaller departmental events. Provides social networking analysis,
    identifying patterns of interaction and the key topic experts and enablers
    within the organization.
--  Implementation - speeds the adoption of social networking and
    collaboration technology by embedding capabilities into existing

"Spurring competitiveness in a global economy requires connecting the right experts necessary for success, applying new tools and technologies that provide access to global resources, and innovating and collaborating across national and organizational borders," said Tim Ringo, Global Leader, Human Capital Management, IBM Global Business Services. "With Enterprise Adaptability, IBM is in a unique position to be a true consulting and technology partner to any organization looking to unlock the business value of connecting people."

"Social software, collaboration, and content management are revolutionizing the ways in which organizations interact with customers, partners and employees," said Michael Rhodin, General Manager, IBM Lotus Software. "With globalization, operations and expertise become increasingly dispersed. Organizations need to realize the value and potential of collaboration tools."

Enterprise Adaptability combines industry-leading software from IBM Lotus Software and FileNet with consulting expertise from IBM Global Business Services' Human Capital Management practice.

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