October 15, 2007 15:30 ET

IBM Bolsters Enterprise Content Management Software Portfolio

New Offerings Provide Improved Performance, Scalability and Usability

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - October 15, 2007) - IBM Information on Demand Conference -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) today unveiled enhancements to the IBM Content Management 8.4 family of software. The new Enterprise Content Management (ECM) offerings provide improved performance, scalability and usability to help customers make better, more informed decisions. They also help improve associated business processes and enable compliance more cost effectively.

IBM Content Management 8.4 features new capabilities that help organizations better manage, access and integrate critical business information. This includes the IBM Web Interface for Content Management (WEBi) V1.02, an interactive client that allows users to access documents from an IBM Content Manager repository via a Web browser. IBM WEBi makes it easier for more users to access, use, combine and reuse content to solve business challenges and improve workforce effectiveness.

Based on advanced technologies such as AJAX and DOJO, IBM WEBi also provides content search and retrieval capabilities and is one way that IBM is utilizing open standards to bring value to customers using enterprise report management, content integration and content management offerings.

"We are continually looking for ways to help our customers derive new value from their content, while protecting their existing investments," said Ken Bisconti, vice president, IBM ECM products and strategy. "With our enhanced content management portfolio, we have improved our ability to provide an open and scalable platform that centrally manages and protects our customers' critical business content and records to meet regulatory compliance initiatives."

IBM Content Management 8.4 augments the company's portfolio of ECM solutions, which enable organizations to enhance their content and associated business processes, differentiating their products and services from the competition. The product offerings provide content management services for many of IBM's largest installations, which customers and IBM business partners rely upon to help control, access and manage content across the enterprise.

Further leveraging the IBM ECM portfolio, IBM FileNet Records Crawler and IBM FileNet Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities are available for integration with IBM Content Manager 8.4. Records Crawler automatically monitors specified locations for documents that match defined rules, applying processing rules and captures the file system content into IBM Content Manager. This new support helps customers manage Windows file system content as part of their solution to lower cost and reduce risk.

IBM FileNet BPM helps increase process performance, reduce cycle times and improve productivity and decision-making by automating, streamlining and optimizing processes. IBM ECM combines BPM capabilities with content management to activate content in applications and execute event-driven, information-related decisions.

IBM's enhanced Content Management 8.4 family includes:

--  IBM Content Manager V 8.4 -- With improved installability and
    deployment options, IBM Content Manager V 8.4 is a strategic, reusable, and
    open content management platform that allows organizations to choose the
    right approach for their business. Content Manager V 8.4 uses an easy to
    use Web client that allows users to access documents from the 8.4
    repository. The Web 2.0 and AJAX-based infrastructure supports a flexible,
    dynamic ECM environment and the easy to use, interactive interface helps
    improve user productivity, advancing enterprise-wide connectivity and
    information access helping organizations leverage business knowledge and
--  IBM Document Manager V 8.4 -- With enhanced integration to IBM Content
    Manager, IBM Document Manager V 8.4 is designed for clients who require an
    advanced document management product to improve productivity and cost
    effectively manage the complete lifecycle of compound business documents
    through a product or project lifecycle.
--  IBM Content Manager OnDemand V 8.4 -- The leading Enterprise Report
    Management solution in the market today, IBM Content Manager OnDemand
    provides high-volume capture of computer output and automated storage
    management. A new Web-based system administration client enables many
    common functions to be performed via a Web-based browser client.  New LDAP
    support allows customers to manage basic login authentication directly on
    the server and exploitation of 64-bit enabled space leads to increase
    performance.   New cabinet support now allows users to organize folders
    into electronic cabinets, simplifying navigation through the folder
--  IBM WebSphere Information Integrator Content Edition (IICE) V 8.4 --
    New versions of connectors continue IBM's leadership position in real time
    content integration to unstructured content by supporting more than 20 out-
    of-the-box connectors to leading content management repositories.
    Performance improvements speed access to content in third party
    repositories and can improve responsiveness for customer service
    applications.  Ongoing improvements in base capabilities support new
    operating systems, new Internet standards and key accessibility features.
    With IICE, clients can implement the content-centric integrations that
    protect and use their existing investments in content stores and content-
    centric applications.
--  IBM CommonStore V 8.4 -- CommonStore helps reduce operational costs
    introduced by the growing size of email and electronic messaging data
    stores while helping to manage email and electronic messaging to ensure
    compliance. IBM CommonStore V8.4 adds support for Lotus Domino 8.0 and
    Microsoft Exchange 2007.  The email search feature of CommonStore has a
    number of enhancements to improve eDiscovery support such as improving case
    folder performance; removing pst and nsf export file size limitations and
    supporting IBM Records Manager hold/release.
--  IBM WEBi V1.02 -- Organizations can improve productivity and gain a
    competitive edge by providing employees with an intuitive Web browser to
    help them efficiently locate and access internal content. IBM WEBi makes it
    easier for more users to access content and to use, combine and reuse that
    content for improved business value. The new IBM WEBi client extends the
    power of content management and enterprise report management to more users
    across the enterprise; expedites access to company information; and
    promotes informed choices and better, more efficient decision-making.

IBM's Enterprise Content Management software supports the company's global Information on Demand initiative, which provides customers with data exactly when and how they need it to improve their business processes, quickly respond to market needs and rapidly identify new business opportunities.

IBM Content Manager V 8.4, IBM Document Manager V 8.4, IBM CommonStore V 8.4 and IBM WebSphere Information Integrator Content Edition V 8.4 will be available during Q4 2007.

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