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January 29, 2008 17:00 ET

IBM Ships PowerVM Lx86 to Expand System p Application Choices, Using Transitive® Cross-Platform Virtualization Technology

New Cross-Platform Virtualization Solution Allows IBM System p Customers to Run Linux/x86 Applications on Linux for POWER Operating System Without Modification

LOS GATOS, CA--(Marketwire - January 29, 2008) - Transitive® Corporation, the leading provider of cross-platform virtualization software that enables the execution of applications across diverse computing platforms, today announced that IBM will commence shipping PowerVM Lx86 with all copies of PowerVM Editions, available across its entire line of System p servers. PowerVM Editions, a set of advanced virtualization offerings developed by IBM for Power Systems platforms, now includes the Lx86 feature (developed for IBM by Transitive) which simplifies migration of x86 Linux applications onto this popular platform for server consolidation and business application deployment. PowerVM Lx86 allows the creation of an x86 application virtual environment so users may easily install and run a wide range of x86 Linux applications on a Power Systems platform with a Linux for POWER operating system. PowerVM Lx86 allows thousands of x86 Linux binaries to run unmodified and without recompilation on System p servers, helping to bring additional benefits with IBM PowerVM virtualization to enterprise customers by enabling more applications to be consolidated.

"The release of PowerVM Lx86 by IBM is a significant milestone for Transitive and for IBM System p customers, who now have immediate access to thousands of additional enterprise applications," said Bob Wiederhold, president and CEO of Transitive. "This announcement by Transitive's strategic partner IBM also provides further proof that cross-platform virtualization has become a mainstream enterprise IT solution."

"IBM has worked very closely with Transitive and with the hundreds of customers currently testing PowerVM Lx86 to bring this unique virtualization technology to market," said Scott Handy, vice president of marketing and strategy, IBM Power Systems. "Our mutual customers are interested in reducing server sprawl and saving money by consolidating UNIX and Linux x86 workloads onto System p, and now, with PowerVM Lx86, the universe of Linux applications that can easily be consolidated increased beyond just UNIX and Linux on Power native applications to virtually all Linux x86 binary applications as well."

Developed as the result of a strategic partnership between Transitive and IBM, the PowerVM Lx86 feature is bundled with IBM PowerVM Editions designed to provide advanced virtualization technologies, resulting in efficiencies in resource utilization and cost savings. Customers now have an integrated solution that can help consolidate more of their applications running on x86 servers to potentially increase the value obtained from server consolidation. With this new feature, PowerVM virtualization can be used for consolidating both UNIX and x86 workloads onto Power Systems to a greater extent than before. The three new PowerVM Editions -- which all include the PowerVM Lx86 feature as a standard component -- are PowerVM Express Edition, PowerVM Standard Edition and PowerVM Enterprise Edition. PowerVM Lx86 allows almost all Linux x86 applications to run without requiring modification, upgrade or recompilation on Power Systems platforms with PowerVM.

PowerVM Lx86 (formerly known as System p Application Virtual Environment) is a feature allowing the creation of an x86 application virtual environment within a Linux on Power partition so users may easily install and run a wide range of x86 Linux applications on a Power Systems platform. It was available in an Open Beta program, during which more than 225 users, mostly current System p customers, tested the software with a wide variety of x86 Linux applications as they sought to expand the use of their powerful Power Systems platform and undertake server consolidation initiatives.

About Transitive Corporation

With more than 10 million copies of its cross-platform virtualization technology deployed worldwide, Transitive is the leader in providing solutions that enable the execution of applications across diverse computing platforms. Transitive's award-winning QuickTransit solutions allow software applications that have been compiled for one processor/operating system to run on systems with a different processor/operating system, without source code or binary changes and at speeds comparable to native ports.

QuickTransit allows data center managers to transport legacy enterprise applications quickly and easily from outdated, proprietary hardware to modern, standardized platforms without incurring the costs and delays of porting projects, and without disruption to end users. QuickTransit also facilitates computer companies' migration to new hardware platforms; dramatically reduces software developers' cost, risk, and time-to-market in supporting multiple hardware platforms; and makes significantly more software available for more hardware platforms.

The QuickTransit cross-platform virtualization technology provides the engine for Apple's Rosetta translation software and is currently shipping on all of Apple's Intel-based computers. QuickTransit also provides the engine for IBM PowerVM Lx86, which is available for all IBM System p enterprise server customers. Transitive Corporation is located in Los Gatos, California with a research and development team in Manchester, UK. For more information, please visit Transitive's Web site at

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