September 16, 2005 14:34 ET

IBM System z9 Mainframe Shipping to Global Customers on Schedule

Businesses Look to the System z9's New Advanced Encryption Features to Help Secure Their Data

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 16, 2005 -- IBM announced that its new System z9 mainframe -- the first of a new generation of mainframes designed to help facilitate management security and systems resources across a corporate IT network -- began shipping to customers around the world today, on schedule.

"There's a groundswell of interest from businesses and governments around what the new class of mainframes can do," said Erich Clementi, general manager, IBM System z9. "Companies are looking to the new mainframe more than ever to help manage some of the most complex corporate issues, such as protecting the security of customer information and complying with federal regulations. From a technical perspective, the mainframe's deep commitment to Java, Linux, virtualization and SOA are driving adoption."

Designed to help detect and deter intrusion, the System z9, working with z/OS, IBM's flagship mainframe operating system, is a security-rich computing system with these features:

--  Intrusion Detection Services in z/OS designed to defend against known
    attacks and previously unidentified attacks, using a policy-based approach.
--  Centralized management of encryption keys in z/OS which enable a
    customer to implement consistent encryption security policies, providing
    information for audit compliance, and helping manage encryption keys for
--  A cryptography accelerator that can perform up to 6,000 SSL handshakes
    per second, which may help to reduce the cost of processing encrypted
--  In addition, IBM plans to make available a software product designed
    to leverage the centralized key management capabilities in z/OS and the
    System z9 encryption capabilities to enable customers to exchange data
    tapes to partners and remote sites.  This can help protect data and prevent
    security breaches caused by lost tapes.(2)
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(1) The SSL rate was achieved with a System z9 with four processors and two Crypto Express2 Cards (one feature, both configured as accelerators). When a System z9 with four CPs and both PCI-X adapters on a Crypto Express2 feature are configured as accelerators, the Crypto Express2 feature is designed to perform up to 6,000 SSL handshakes per second. The SSL rate was achieved with a System z9 with four processors and two Crypto Express2 cards (one feature, both configured as accelerators), z/OS V1R7 with Cryptographic Support for z/OS V1R6/V1R7 Web deliverable, and ICSF FMID HCR7730. Since the performance enhancements are implemented in Licensed Internal Code, current Crypto Express2 features carried forward from z990 to System z9 can take advantage of increased SSL performance and the new configuration capability. These measurements are examples of the maximum transactions per second achieved in a laboratory environment with no other processing occurring and do not represent actual field measurements. Details are available upon request.

(2) This will be a separately available product and is planned to be generally available October 28, 2005

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