January 22, 2008 10:38 ET

IBM's WebSphere RFID Information Center Is the First to Meet Both EPCIS and Drug Pedigree Messaging Standards

ARMONK, NY--(Marketwire - January 22, 2008) - IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that its WebSphere RFID Information Center software's ePedigree feature has been certified and found to be fully compliant with GS1 EPCglobal's Drug Pedigree Messaging Standard (known as the DPMS or Document model).

Ratified in January 2007, the DMPS gives participants in the pharmaceutical supply chain access to historical data concerning who has had custody of drug shipments from the date of manufacture. Drug shipments can be automatically scanned and validated, and their electronic certificates of authenticity -- known as ePedigrees -- can be accessed at any time. IBM also achieved EPCglobal certification on the Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) standard in October 2007.

"As a key participant in the creation of the EPCIS standard, IBM remains committed to EPCIS as the best approach to achieving ePedigree compliance," said Christian C. Clauss, Director of Sensor Information Management for IBM Software Group. "While backwards compatibility with the Document model is still important to some of our customers, it is clear that there is a rapid industry migration underway to the EPCIS model, which we see as the best ePedigree technique for pharmaceutical supply chain of the future."

To be certified as DPMS compliant, the IBM WebSphere RFID Information Center's ePedigree feature passed a battery of tests to ensure that it can be used to create, receive, and append drug pedigree documents. Testing was conducted on EPCglobal's behalf by an independent company, MetLabs.

"IBM WebSphere RFID Information Center is the first software to comply fully with both the DPMS and EPCIS standards," said Nick Fergusson, director of certification, GS1 EPCglobal. "The product allows for secure and efficient data sharing among trading partners using either DPMS or EPCIS-compliant solutions."

WebSphere RFID Information Center is a proven solution for companies seeking to share product movement information with trading partners using EPCIS or DPMS-compliant solutions. The software includes an optional ePedigree feature that provides all participants in the pharmaceutical supply chain with secure access to historical data on individual bottles of medicine to enable compliance with current and emerging regulations. In the pharmaceutical business, the product will be used successfully by drug distributor AmerisourceBergen in its Sacramento pilot, and by a large global pharmaceutical manufacturer.

"IBM's ability to support both EPCIS and DPMS standards makes its ePedigree offering unique in the industry," said Heather Zenk, director, Integrated Solutions, AmerisourceBergen. "Using this solution, we will be able to share drug pedigree information with our trading partners using either standard and build towards the future."

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