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NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 27, 2015) - In an era where three billion people in the world have Internet access, the physical location of a business plays a very marginal role in its marketing efforts. What really counts is a well thought out Internet presence and the creation of a strong online brand. Social media platforms feature a plethora of profiles from companies of all industries, stores and a variety of advertisement campaigns. Given the omnipresence of social media, even less experienced marketeers have realized that using these channels is a crucial part of any successful marketing strategy. Surprising, however, is the importance that content has in the equation.

Top pioneer in the industry, Justin Matthew, founder and CEO of, revealed that the golden ratio between content and distribution is 20 to 80, a fact that is often misjudged, even by the savviest marketing experts. "The majority of organizations are still stuck in traditional approaches that are simply outdated," Matthew explains. "High-quality value is essential, no doubt, but the secret of how to outshine your competitors in the World Wide Web lies in the smart exposure of your marketing message," he continues. bases branding strategies on this knowledge and uses social media as a catalyst to generate more traffic and customer turnaround. A vital factor in the process is a consistent presentation of the image a client wants to create, which relies on uniform design, colors, and logo, as well as on smart and thoughtful information exposure across all channels. This in turn increases the recognition value, which is critical for the establishment of any brand, regardless the industry or size. "In today's virtual marketing world it really does not matter anymore how big a company is," says Matthew. "All you need is a good idea and people who help you spread the word. This is where we come in."

Together with his team of elite social media managers, Matthew works relentlessly on tracking the effectiveness of individual campaign elements to optimize their results. While many agencies employ fake profiles to artificially boost the numbers of likes and shares on Facebook or Twitter followers, these numbers often do not reflect the reality. isolates the target, eliminates fake followers and fans and draws the attention of real people to real brands. 

When developing a tailor-made social media branding plan, iBoom experts evaluate a list of decisive factors that need to be considered before they begin to publish any content online. Important considerations for a successful campaign, Matthew reveals, include a regular schedule to keep followers interested, tweaking the tone to match the desired audience and deciding on the best time to post. The timing varies from client to client and depends on the targeted audience and the platforms that are being utilized. This can be impacted by the time zone potential customers live in, whether they are likely to access social media during working hours, and by anticipated peek hours in terms of followers being online. While data shows that Facebook posts published at 8 o'clock at night (EST) on Mondays have the best chance of going viral, Reddit generates the highest results at 6 in the morning. Leveraging insights like these allow iBoom Media to help clients own their presence online and take it above their expectations, turning a good idea into a viral one -- virtually overnight.

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