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May 28, 2013 12:15 ET

Icon Tire™ Introduces the Icon Innovator, the First Tires With Patented Virtual Tire Performance Indicators

Virtual Tire Performance Indicators (VTPIs) Put the Power of Performance Back Into the Driver's Hands by Giving Them a Visual Gauge of Tire Performance and Wear

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - May 28, 2013) -  Icon Tire is proud to introduce the first tire built with Visual Tire Performance Indicators (VTPI), the Icon Innovator ™. By employing color-coded indicators, consumers can make sound decisions regarding the performance of their vehicle in difficult driving conditions.

Built into the tread of the tire, the indicator's color coding system gives drivers an easy reference point for tire wear, increasing performance and safety at a glance. Based on whether the indicator is black, yellow or red, a driver can instantly see when performance is compromised in various driving conditions like rain or snow. With the help of the VTPIs, motorists are empowered to make critical decisions regarding their driving habits and the replacement of worn tires.

Here's how it works:

  • Visual indicators are black when the tire is new.
  • When significant tread wear occurs it can affect performance levels when driving in rain or on snow. At this tread wear the VTPIs turn yellow.
  • When it is time to replace the tires, the VTPIs turn red.

"I feel it is really important to build a tire that empowers drivers to make sound decisions about tire maintenance and driving habits," said Icon Tire Founder and CEO Pat O'Brien. "Icon tires build an easy-to-understand safety message into every tire, all at a reasonable price point for the average driver."

Unlike other tires that use wear bars or other siped symbols, Icon Tires are the only tires that clearly give drivers a tool to understand the relationship between tread loss and diminished tire performance.

Icon Tires are available now. For more information visit or ask your local tire retailer for availability.

About Icon Tire:

Icon Tire LLC, located in Portland, OR, is a tire development, branding, and marketing company whose mission is to bring top tire technology to drivers at an affordable price. Icon Tires recently introduced "Visual Tire Performance Indicators" (VTPI) to the market, patent-pending technology that helps drivers see the performance wear of their tires through color-coded indicators. VTPIs help drivers easily see the need for maintenance and replacement related to tread depth, inflation, alignment and rotation. For more information on Icon Tire, please visit

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