July 13, 2011 09:00 ET

Iconic Ray Ban and Classic Chanel; The Hottest Shades for the Coolest Eyes: NetBase Brand Passion Index Discovers Sunglasses Online Consumers Love

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 13, 2011) - NetBase, the Social Media Insight & Analysis company, today announced the latest Brand Passion Index, which measured consumer passion for five different brands of sunglasses. With temperatures rising and the sun blazing, the Index used the NetBase Insight Workbench to see which shades social media can't stop buzzing about. The list covered everything from vintage to high-end luxury: Oakley, Chanel, Gucci, Ray Ban and Prada. Workbench surfaced consumer passion, opinions and behavior towards the brands using three key metrics: share of buzz, net sentiment, and passion intensity.

Workbench revealed that in general, the sentiment for sunglasses as expressed via social media is largely positive. Despite having the second smallest share of buzz, Chanel had 85 percent of its own conversations expressing pure love, demonstrating the passionate reach of the luxury brand. Ray Ban, an iconic brand from its commissioned eyewear for the military to outfitting Jackie O and Tom Cruise in timeless styles, dominated the conversation about the five brands, with 55 percent of the overall chatter. Ray Ban followed close behind Chanel with 75 percent of its own conversations reflecting "love," validating the staying power of the brand. Oakley managed to generate 38 percent of the overall conversation, but polarized consumers more than other brands, with the highest volume of conversations revolving around expressions of "hate."

Verbatim surfaced from the Insight Workbench showed that online consumers love Chanel because they see it as a high-value brand that brings an element of luxury to whoever wears the brand. Consumers also noted the high quality of Chanel's products.

Love love love my new chanel sunglasses with bows yay

One gets an elegant glass box and clean cloth when buying a pair of Chanel sunglasses which are well-admired because of its stylish designs, durability and world-class quality

Chanel sunglasses make you cool

The Insight Workbench showed that social media users are passionate about Ray Bans not only because they are a fashionable and popular option for sunglasses, but because of their history as a style icon in American history.

Basically designed for the US Air Force, the Ray-Ban Aviator series has revolutionized the sunglass industry

Ray-Ban sunglasses are one of the most iconic brands in the eyewear industry and favoured for their timelessly stylish sunglasses which never fail to look effortlessly stylish and on trend.

Ray-Bans were a big part of Tom Cruise's cool image

I predict that big Jackie O style sunglasses will still be huge this summer, so I picked these amazing Ray Bans, which I have been wearing everywhere, and will probably be wearing everywhere for the rest of the summer

And when it came to Oakley, Workbench found that though online consumers love the high level of protection and polarization the sunglasses provide, they can also be an expensive and frustrating brand.

Designer Oakley sunglasses can be very expensive

Why do Oakley sunglasses have to be so expensive?!?!?!?!?!??

These Oakley sunglasses are great in terms of protection

RT @IAmQW: I hate Oakley sunglasses with a passion!!!!!

Each month, the Brand Passion Index analyzes consumer passion for brands in various categories and publishes the results on the NetBase blog.

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