red flags rule compliance and identity verification

October 01, 2009 12:19 ET

ID Sure LLC Provides a Free Red Flags Rules Compliance Policy

APOLLO BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - October 1, 2009) - ID Sure provides services that take the mystery out of the FTC Red Flags Rule, a requirement that affects over 11 million businesses by November 1, 2009. Businesses must have an Identity Theft Prevention Program in effect. Penalties for businesses that provide products or service to an identity thief could cost millions.

ID Sure, founded by law enforcement personnel with backgrounds in fraud, identity theft and cyber crimes, has released a new version of their Identity Verification service. The new service detects additional "red flags" that a client may be engaged in ID fraud and fulfills a critical component of any Red Flags Rule Compliance Program. ID Sure is one of the only companies today who provide a complete service covering both an Identity Theft Prevention Program coupled with an ID Verification service.

The FTC delayed the Red Flags Rule compliance date to November 1, 2009 because many businesses such as law firms, accountants, professional services and various retail establishments did not understand that this law applied to them. Confusion has resulted from the terminology used by the FTC in their advertising of the Red Flags Rule causing many businesses to believe that they were not required to comply. As a result businesses are confused about Red Flags compliance with very little guidance covering the implementation of a Red Flags Rule Compliance policy. Most information available regarding the required program, including information direct from the FTC says that an ID needs to be verified, yet most policies being sold presently are unlikely to address this critical component.

ID Sure has developed an online capability where businesses can easily complete their own Identity Theft Prevention Program and at the same time these businesses are able to verify the identity of their customers in less than a minute, through use of a simple interface. "Our analysis engine queries hundreds of millions of records and numerous proprietary matrices in order to establish clients' true identities," says Teo Leonard, of ID Sure.

The simple substitution of the word 'Theft' with 'Fraud' used by the FTC makes the Red Flags Rule objective easier to understand. The Rule is designed to address instances of ID Fraud rather than ID Theft.

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