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May 19, 2008 20:27 ET Announces Record Performance Results of Recent Stocks Selections at iDayo International, Inc.

CARSON CITY, NV--(Marketwire - May 19, 2008) - The iDayo Indicator™ which is the most successful financial service available to the retail or institutional investor, is giving its subscribers an EXTRA reason to celebrate with its recent official stock selections.

The iDayo Indicator™ posts a few stocks almost each week on Monday mornings at The iDayo Indicator™ system uses the Monday open price as its purchase price, and then 16 weeks later on a Monday, the closing price that day is its sale price. The iDayo™ System has been doing this since January of 1998, and has posted 350 different portfolios of stocks. Forbes Magazine featured 62 of these portfolios for over a two and half year period in every issue of the magazine.

Currently, the top ten iDayo Indicator equity selections, those that have not reached their 16 week maturity sale date -- have an Current Rate of Return exceeding 49.5%!

Jeffrey Steinberg, Director & Chief Scientific Officer of iDayo International, Inc., said, "After 10 years of studying, programming and reading the information and then seeing my creation, the iDayo Indicator™, perform at extraordinary levels over and over again -- that only a handful of investors can even fathom -- it leaves me speechless."

CEO of iDayo International, Inc. Michael Lafferman stated, "To see a 49.5% increase across the board of the top ten iDayo Indicator selected equities in less than 60 days, the iDayo Indicator™ is the Rolls Royce and Lamborghini of wealth increase in the realm of equity possibilities offered in the world today for all investors & traders interested in the stock markets."

Jeffrey Steinberg also said, "After 11 years of analyzing and watching what the information really shows, we have found major keys to the future of what is going to happen in the world. When the iDayo Indicator™ sees the institutions, the largest wealth base in the world make consensus decisions, it becomes very clear what is going to happen in the macro-economy and micro-equity markets relative to sector rotation. I have been studying the iDayo Indicator™ since I built it and when I make those particular discoveries, members and subscribers to iDayo Exchange will ride the waves of the market and be at the right places to benefit dramatically.

For example, in the past 16 weeks we have seen an appreciation in the energy sector regarding the macro-economy; the capital was repositioned at the beginning of the credit crunch and headed to the energy sector and other defensive based postures.

The iDayo Indicator™ discovered that oil & gas production and services were under accumulation and McMoran Exploration, who is engaged in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas offshore in the Gulf of Mexico and onshore in the Gulf Coast area, was a leading candidate for appreciation. Another example is James River Coal Company -- they are a steam and coal producer who is on a rapid acquisition campaign securing reserves at yesterday's coal prices. In addition, the iDayo Indicator™ had shown that coal was in great demand and Alpha Natural Resources -- a leading supplier of high-quality Appalachian coal to electric utilities, steel producers and heavy industry -- was going to appreciate and the iDayo Indicator™ System was proven right once again. The iDayo Indicator™ was screaming consensus in the extreme degrees in every situation, so we are pleased that our subscribers have benefited accordingly."

Lafferman also stated, "Since the Information Age has now matured, the iDayo Indicator™ is never too early and it is never too late. If the investment community could have known 10 years ago that Jeffrey Steinberg and his iDayo Indicator™ would produce these kinds of returns no matter if it was a bull, bear or flat market, this opportunity would not exist today. I invite the simple to the complex investor in stock, options, futures of any degree to become a member of the iDayoExchange -- you will gain the edge you seek!"

Please know that all authorized portfolios are currently being posted on, the only OFFICIAL AND AUTHORIZED stock portfolios of the iDayo Indicator™.

If you are interested in learning more about the iDayo Indicator™, please contact us at: 1.877.577.1555 or email us at

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iDayo International, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation and is the owner of the iDayo Indicator™. iDayo International, Inc. is a privately held financial services company with corporate offices in Nevada and Independent Sales Offices world-wide. We are a fully integrated financial services brand built upon the information provided by the iDayo Indicator™ Proprietary Technology Platform -- intellectual property that has been acquired from iDayo Investor, Inc. We are a monetization facilitator for unique financial products for the equity investor around the world. We are creating through affiliates, joint ventures, and acquisitions, a niche financial social network based on the World Wide Web that will be ... THE Leader in Return on Investment & TIME™. The iDayo Indicator™ stocks appeared in every Forbes issue for 2.5 years! Furthermore, the iDayo Indicator™ has been featured and praised by the world's most known financial news media including but not limited to: CBS MarketWatch, Online Investor, Mutual Funds Magazine, Bloomberg Radio and Barron's.

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