January 31, 2011 04:00 ET

IDBS Delivers Managed Content Directly to Scientists Through Its ELN

ScienceLink Provides Scientific Literature 'Just-in-Time' at the 'Point of Use' From E-WorkBook Suite

GUILDFORD, UK and BURLINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - January 31, 2011) - IDBS, a global provider of innovative enterprise data management, analytics and modeling solutions, today launched ScienceLink, a new scientific content brokerage platform for delivering licensed data that provides on-demand scientific content from a range of third parties and extends how scientists use this information in their research tools.

ScienceLink revolutionizes how scientists access data, use all available information to find results, and reach conclusions. It provides seamless access to a number of external information resources including Elsevier, from significant curated data suppliers, and enables researchers to integrate their internal data with their preferred branded managed content with a single mouse click. By bringing together all relevant information 'just in time' and at the 'point of use,' ScienceLink improves the process of decision-making, the quality of experimental reports and the context behind high value intellectual property.

ScienceLink is based on a new, unique feature of E-WorkBook Suite that enables customers to access leading external sources in chemistry, metabolite and biological pathways information to support their experiments and find results quickly. Via a free plug-in to E-WorkBook, scientists select their preferred internal and licensed data sources and instantly integrate all their available knowledge. This selected data is then stored in the notebook to provide added context to conclusions, methods or hypotheses.

"IDBS continues to innovate with new functionality and ground-breaking partnership models that revolutionize the delivery of scientific content and change the field of scientific research," said Neil Kipling, founder and CEO of IDBS. "We understand how scientists do their research. We also know that simpler methods of consuming their preferred content will help them make more informed decisions and improve outcomes in scientific discovery."

About IDBS
IDBS is a global provider of innovative enterprise data management, analytics and modeling solutions. The company's uniquely sophisticated platform technologies are used by more than 200 pharmaceutical companies, major healthcare providers, global leaders in academic study, and high tech companies to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve the productivity of industrial R&D and clinical research. IDBS is clearly differentiated by its unique combination of award-winning enterprise technologies and domain knowledge in R&D.

IDBS' Solutions help scientists, hospitals and R&D businesses produce the world's newest therapeutics, diagnostics and personalized treatments, high-tech materials and consumer products, faster, cleaner engines and fuels, breakthroughs in productive agriculture, healthy, safer food products, and high tech materials and products.

Founded in 1989 and privately held, IDBS is headquartered in Guildford, UK with a direct sales and support presence worldwide. IDBS is a Profit Track 100 company and the recipient of multiple awards including the Frost and Sullivan 'Enabling Technology' Award in R&D data management for 2010. Further information can be found at, or follow us on Twitter @IDBSsoftware

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