SOURCE: Ideal Science

April 11, 2006 10:08 ET

Ideal Science Gives Life to Online Communities With IdealBB.Net Technology

Web-Based Communications Company Expands Offering With Moderated Service AJAX and RSS Support

AUSTIN, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 11, 2006 -- Ideal Science, a Web-based communications company offering software for large-scale Web forums, today announces upgrades to its industry leading IdealBB.Net bulletin board program, which supports millions of Web users per day. The upgrades include Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), a Web development technique for creating interactive Web applications, and support for RSS feeds. Additionally, Ideal Science is expanding its services portfolio to include moderating services for its customers' Web forums.

With 87 percent of organizations using Microsoft's Windows operating system, Ideal Science designed IdealBB.Net as customizable bulletin board software built on the Microsoft .NET framework. Ideal Science's IdealBB.Net is a powerful bulletin board program offering unparalleled customization options and the most scalable features of any Windows-based bulletin board system to date. IdealBB.Net provides the right set of functionality to deliver a strong solution to meet the demands of heavy Web traffic, including one-point installation, file sharing and a powerful search engine.

AJAX provides increased interactivity, speed and usability. The use of AJAX allows Ideal Science to further simplify and enhance the experience for its users. The support of the RSS feeds provides users with summaries of Web content compiled with links to the full versions of the content. RSS feeds are imperative to the Web community as it enables users to share the latest headlines and attached multimedia files. RSS feeds also provide users the opportunity to track updates on the site.

"The number of online users continues to grow exponentially as people are turning to the Web to provide news, insight and a place to socialize. With this in mind, Ideal Science designed a vehicle that truly powers Web communication and collaboration," said Joshua Kerr, CEO and founder of Ideal Science. "In developing IdealBB.Net, we collaborated with Microsoft to design and build a product that was scalable and reliable from the start. As online communities continue to take on new roles and users, our customers are able to concentrate on enlivening their sites -- as opposed to fixing them."

With millions of people interacting via online communities, companies are demanding help to combat inappropriate activity and offensive language among participants. Ideal Science's bulletin board program is capable of capturing hidden, inappropriate content, such as symbols appearing as legitimate letters. Now, with its new moderating service, Ideal Science allows its customers to go beyond this protection to eliminate problems for its Web forums.

"All of our sites use IdealBB forums to support hundreds of thousands of users and Ideal Science brings unparalled scalability to support these active communities," said Peter Manse, director, Applications of Hachette Filipacchi Media, U.S., the world's largest magazine publisher. "With eighteen sites that include ELLE, Car and Driver, Woman's Day, Popular Photo, and many others, each running multiple forums, you can appreciate the huge benefit provided by Ideal Science's single point of installation and administration. In addition, with Ideal Science moderating all of the forums, our producers have converted moderating time into production time."

Ideal Science's solution provides companies with user-friendly administration, powerful development tools and the ability to scale efficiently. The software offers a search feature, flexible application program interfaces and the ability to run multiple bulletin boards from only one installation of the product. Ideal Science's Web-based communications software facilitates a number of activities ranging from educational infrastructure to access to vital information to support for remote professionals to building online communities.

About Ideal Science

Based in Austin, Texas, Ideal Science is a privately owned software company that specializes in solutions and services for Web-based communication. The company was founded by Joshua Kerr in 1999. After he noticed a lack of enterprise class bulletin board programs on the Windows platform, Kerr developed his own IT product, Ideal BB, enabling him to meet his clients demand for such an application. The Ideal BB was launched as a public beta in April 2001 and after two months; more than 10,000 people downloaded the product.

Ideal Science stands apart from other companies with its clear cut vision of moral responsibility on the Internet and encourages using technology in moderation to enhance daily life and better society. A variety of industries benefit from Ideal Science's software by facilitating internal communication and creating external Web communities, including AT&T Labs, Microsoft Corporation, American Airlines and Turner Broadcasting. The company has grown steadily since its online store began in 2001, securing more than 400 customers worldwide and doubling its revenue in 2005 alone. Additional information can be found at