Ideal Windows and Conservatories

Ideal Windows and Conservatories

March 29, 2010 07:30 ET

Ideal Windows and Conservatories Have The Energy Efficient Products for The Modern Home

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 29, 2010) - Ideal Windows and Conservatories, the Edinburgh based home improvements company, is proud not only of the products they offer customers, but also the customer service and workmanship they bring to every home they work on.

Using the special Neutral Plus system, Ideal Windows and Conservatories use products that not only deliver improved thermal insulation but also better energy efficiency. This not only means that fuel bills can be lower but also that homes installed with this great system can actually be more comfortable.

The Neutral Plus units feature a special transparent metallic coating that can actually help keep the heat in your house. Heat energy from central heating systems and even fireplaces is reflected back into the room, meaning less of this expensive heat is lost. Furthermore, the free heat and light from the sun is allowed to transmit through the window. This energy, known as passive solar heat gain, is also reflected back into the room by the Neutral Plus coating, thus helping to heat your home.

Customers looking for a clear and natural appearance to their windows need not worry about the high quality products that Ideal Windows and Conservatories Edinburgh use. Unlike some conventional low-E coatings these windows do not suffer from unattractive colouring of the transmitted light. More light can also fill the room due to the reduction in tinting.

The Neutral Plus system is perfect for consumers looking to improve their home with an efficient glazing product, it is nearly 60% more efficient than traditional "clear float" double glazing unit and 35% more efficient than a window using "hard" coated Low-E glass.

Ideal Windows and Conservatories are family run business based in Edinburgh, specialising in all areas of Glazing and Conservatories such as double glazing prices and Ideal provide Edinburgh Windows and have been operating for around 15 years in the Edinburgh and Fife area, forging a reputation for excellent value for money, terrific quality, and superb customer service.

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