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First Ever Public Innovation System for Life-Inspired Ideas

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - July 15, 2008) - IDEASTOX, a new company dedicated to making people's life-inspired ideas happen, announced today the launch of its beta site: Because the overriding philosophy of IDEASTOX is that everyone should have a chance to see their ideas happen, use of -- whether you have an idea, have skills that may be of use in developing ideas, or you want a say in deciding which ideas happen -- is free.

Commuters in Los Angeles who may have ideas about how to reduce traffic; students with ideas on how to make their schools better; a carpenter in Atlanta with an idea for a new pre-fab structure; or your retired grandmother in Jacksonville creating gifts from recycled materials; the people behind IDEASTOX believe that ideas come from everywhere, from everyone, and that they all deserve a stage, an audience, and most importantly a chance to happen.

To deliver on this, provides tools enabling people to save ideas, share them, collect feedback and debate, learn about the audience for specific ideas, obtain an objective, relative value for each idea, and attract people, companies, foundations and others who can help make the ideas happen. While IDEASTOX cannot guarantee success, the Company does provide access to tools and people who are interested in helping to develop and discover the next big thing. Even for people who have yet to realize their own ideas, IDEASTOX connects those wanting to help develop them ("IDEAPartners"), with people who have them ("IDEAuthors").

"Ideas are like dreams; if not captured, the ideas and the value their Authors can create are lost. While some people can pay for invention registries, patent applications, or reach out to friends in high places, maybe even land a spot on a reality television show, these paths are not accessible to everyone," said Adrienne Becker, Founder and CEO, of IDEASTOX. "Our communities -- geographic, cultural, social, and institutional -- are in need of a clear democratic system for innovation and IDEASTOX aspires to fulfill that ambition. People deserve a process and opportunity to pursue their dreams and see their ideas happen."

IDEASTOX features include:

--  Stox Accounts to save ideas privately until the Author is ready to
    share them;
--  Idea Pages generated by Authors using the IDEASTOX publishing tool and
    including idea-specific Media Players, Newswires, Comment Forums and STOX
    VALUE charts (features only available for viewing once a visitor votes on
    an idea and deliberately structured as such to reduce group influence on
    new voters);
--  STOX VALUES for each idea, providing an apples to apples measurement
    of each idea's potential for success and based on community opinions and
    behaviors as quantified by IDEASTOX's proprietary algorithms;
--  Help Wanted selections to match people and their skills to ideas in
    need of them;
--  Sponsor Choice selections to help build connections between IDEAuthors
    and potential IDEASponsors;
--  Author Credits where IDEAuthors give and receive recognition for
    inspiring others;
--  Multi-dimensional, private and optionally anonymous voting;
--  Intra-member messaging and blind email communication tools;
--  Information on an idea's audience and potential target market;
--  IDEA Finder search with the ability to find ideas by category,
    location, help wanted, and author.

"Particularly during tough financial times, we're all considering the different ways we can make a living and we believe IDEASTOX can help people explore and discover possibilities they had not previously considered," added Ms. Becker.

David Calhoun, Chairman and CEO of The Nielsen Company, said, "The potential of IDEASTOX is big. It empowers societies and individuals to do what businesses have promoted since day one: take great ideas, adapt/develop them, and spread them around the world."

While IDEASTOX cannot protect ideas, the site does provide copyrighted Idea Pages in each Author's name, date and time stamps, and strict terms of membership. However, IDEASTOX believes in the essential interconnectedness of ideas as a crucial component to innovation. IDEASTOX itself was borne from this spirit: one idea informed, spurred and spawned many others. And so IDEASTOX has created Author Credits to formalize this accretive process, providing recognition for ideas by rewarding highly credited Authors with greater exposure throughout the site and a higher STOX VALUES.

"The ability to spot real potential for growth and then seize it is an invaluable skill and one which IDEASTOX both seems to possess and appears well positioned to uncover," said Barry Diller, Chairman and CEO, InterActive Corp.

Dean Garfield, an advisor to IDEASTOX and EVP/Chief Strategic Officer, Motion Picture Association, added: "IDEAST0X turns the old adage 'a penny for your thoughts' into a tangible concept with great potential benefit for the author, our culture, and social democracy."

Prior to founding IDEASTOX, Adrienne Becker held senior executive positions at The Nielsen Company, USA Networks, Inc. (now InterActive Corp.), and is the former CEO of Daily Candy, Inc.

IDEASTOX is a new website which helps people advance their life-inspired ideas from vision to reality. The parent company, IDEASTOX, LLC was formed in October 2007 and is based in Los Angeles. The Company is privately funded.

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