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September 19, 2011 10:57 ET

Identified Debuts World's Largest Professional Search Engine

Search Over 40 Million Profiles of Professionals, Companies and Universities Like Never Before

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 19, 2011) -

Core News Facts:

  • Identified launched its professional search engine today, allowing people to see how they appear when companies and professionals look for them online. By giving each profile a score, Identified shows people how their professional brand is perceived by the world.
  • Identified's search technology organizes and categorizes all professional information inside the largest database of people worldwide: Facebook. Identified has scored and indexed over 40 million professionals, 60,000 companies and 8,000 universities.
  • Identified now allows users to improve their score by adding professional information and expanding their network. Identified determines your score based on who you know (your online network) and what you know (education and work experience). Your Identified score is the sum of individual scores: an education score, work score and network score.
  • Identified is the first tool to measure the value of your online network by quantifying the breadth and depth of your network, as well as the strength and quality of your connections.
  • To get started on Identified:
    • Go to and connect via Facebook.
    • Enter information about your education and work history (or pull it from Facebook).
    • Get your Identified score -- the sum of your education score, work score and network score.
    • Search for other professionals, companies and universities and explore your network on Identified.
    • Edit your profile, expand your network and improve your score over time.
  • Hundreds of companies, like Barclays, McKinsey, Google, Disney, Sequoia Capital, Levi Strauss and MTV, are using Identified every day to search for professionals.
  • Identified's score shows you instantly how relevant you are to particular searches that these companies and other professionals are making for people like you.


Brendan Wallace, Co-Founder, Identified
"We began Identified as a recruiting site to connect job applicants with companies, but saw the power in providing search results based on people's online networks -- not just the standard metrics of education and work experience. Nobody had ever attempted to quantify the value of a person's online network. We saw that companies cared as much about a person's network as they did about their education and work experience. So we built Identified to show people how they appear to world based not only on what they know, but who they know."

Adeyemi Ajao, Co-Founder, Identified
"After a year of engineering Identified to better catalog the relationships between people and institutions, we're proud to be launching our new search technology today. What Facebook has built for the social graph, Identified is building for the professional graph. Identified is making the connections in the professional world more accessible, meaningful and relevant using the power of social data."

Bill Draper, Investor, Identified & Founder of Sutter Hill Ventures and Draper Richards
"When I first saw Identified exploding on Stanford's campus, it reminded me of the early stories of Facebook's growth at Harvard back in 2004. Like Facebook did for social networking, I think Identified will become the standard of professional networking for the Facebook generation and beyond."

About the Online Professional market

  • 47 percent of Facebook users enter their professional information in their Facebook profiles. (Facebook, self-reported)
  • 85 percent of companies are using social media as part of their recruiting process. (Touch Agency)
  • 79 percent of employers now conduct an online search of applicants and 70 percent of employers have turned down applicants based on what they found online. (Career Change Challenge)
  • Social networks are more prevalent than ever. Among U.S. Internet users, 59 percent use at least one social network. That's up from 34 percent in 2008. (Pew Internet and American Life Project)
  • In 2011, 14.4 million people reported using social media to find their last job. (Career Enlightenment)

About Identified:
Identified is the world's largest professional search engine. Our powerful search technology organizes and categorizes all professional information inside the largest database of people worldwide: Facebook. Identified was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in San Francisco. Identified was originally started at Stanford University and grew virally across campus: signing-up 80 percent of the university in a week before being shut-down by the administration. Subsequently Identified raised $5.5M from Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Draper Fisher Jurvetson's Tim Draper, Bill Draper and others. For information and to find out your Identified ranking today, visit

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