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March 17, 2008 09:00 ET

Identity Systems Launches Next Gen Data Quality Solution

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - March 17, 2008) - DAMA INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM -- Identity Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and a worldwide leader in identity matching technology, today announced Information Quality Server (IQS), a comprehensive data quality product suite. The move represents a strategic shift that more closely aligns Identity Systems with the broader market for data quality solutions.

IQS is a forerunner of the next generation of data quality solutions. It meets the evolving challenges of higher data and transaction volumes; the need for real-time synchronization across disparate sources; international character sets and languages; and flexible configurations for high performance and accuracy.

With the new data quality offering, Identity Systems broadens its market reach and now targets the vast number of commercial and government organizations working to achieve a single, consolidated view of customers, patients, products or other information spread across different systems. IQS is particularly well suited to industries that deal with risk such as financial services, healthcare, insurance and law enforcement where the cost of poor quality data is very high.

"The first generation of data quality was about supporting standalone applications within the organization, usually for low-risk application areas and predominantly within one geography," said Suresh Menon, director of product management for Identity Systems. "Today, the focus is evolving to providing accurate, up-to-date data to broad, global systems that drive strategic business goals. Data quality is also proving critical to meeting new compliance requirements, as well as helping organizations gain trusted insight to the data which drives their business. We optimized IQS to meet these challenges head on, especially those that first-generation tools don't handle well."

Next Gen Data Quality

Information Quality Server (IQS) is specifically designed to handle next generation data quality requirements. It provides a set of integrated tools, managed from a central console, that cover the full range of data quality steps in both batch-process and real-time operation. IQS works across multiple platforms on multiple operating systems, and handles multiple languages and character sets, and easily scales to handle exploding data volumes.

IQS comprises five modules which provide the following functionality:

Matching, the heart of IQS, is the same leading-edge matching and identity resolution technology used in the world's foremost law enforcement and intelligence applications.

Parsing and Standardization parses input data into component pieces and, optionally, standardizes them.

Address Validation performs real-time address verification and correction for over 240 countries.

Data Profiling discovers the quality, characteristics and potential problems of source data before beginning data-driven projects.

Data Consolidation uses the data found during matching to combine all the duplicates into a single consolidated view of each entity.

"Companies are discovering that data quality has a significant impact on their most strategic business initiatives, from compliance to business intelligence and master data management," said Ted Friedman, Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst. "These initiatives all share one common requirement for success: a foundation of high-quality data to add accuracy and value to the relevant business processes."

IQS is available immediately.

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About Identity Systems

Identity Systems (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nokia (NYSE: NOK), is a global leader in identity matching and data quality solutions. With 20 years' experience and a client base of more than 500 global organizations, today Identity Systems boasts the world's best data matching technology. Its range of data quality solutions meet next generation requirements: higher data and transaction volumes; the need for real-time synchronization across disparate sources; and extremely accurate matching across international character sets and languages. The market for data quality is expanding rapidly as more companies discover the significant impact it has on strategic business initiatives, from compliance to business intelligence and master data management.