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October 24, 2013 09:39 ET

Identity Theft Training Soulution "Stickley on Security" Educates 1 Millionth Credit Union Member

Stickley on Security Records 47% Increase in Public Demand for Cyber Security and Identity Theft Awareness Training in Past 5 Months

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 24, 2013) - Stickley on Security (SoS), a widely used identity theft education solution dedicated to training and educating consumers of financial institutions, has announced that its educational videos have now been watched over one million times by credit union members. In addition SoS has tracked a 47% rise in overall viewings of the security training videos over the past five months indicating that the public is becoming more interested in learning what they can do to protect themselves from cyber criminals. SoS was created by Jim Stickley to help reduce the growing number of identity theft victims of bank and credit union customers and members.

A pioneer in the social engineering field, Stickley has successfully compromised over 1,000 financial institutions and gained access to millions of consumers' personal information including Social Security numbers as part of his job. Stickley is an accomplished author, television personality, speaker, social engineer and high-tech executive who has amassed tens of thousands of hours penetrating U.S. financial institutions in order to better protect them and their customers: the consumer. To ensure protection of U.S. financial institutions from a growing spate of cyber threats, Stickley's company, Stickley on Security, has entered into business partnerships with U.S. banks and credit unions to educate their customers and members respectively by providing a comprehensive online video training solution that can be easily embedded into any financial institution's existing website.

"We recognized early on that in order to improve our security posture, the community needed to be better educated about the dangers and exploits employed by hackers, ID thieves and cyber criminals, so it made perfect sense to implement the Stickley on Security solution," said Teresa Halleck, President and CEO of San Diego County Credit Union. "By using the training solution we are not just hoping that our customers will hear about the latest threats they face, we are proactively ensuring our customers are fully aware of the most recent scams and tactics being used against them by ID thieves."

According to the most recent survey by Javelin Strategy Research, identity theft continues to rise. In 2012, approximately 12.6 million Americans were victimized by ID theft, the second-highest total since the Federal Trade Commission began counting victims in 2003 and roughly one million more than 2011. These numbers indicate that slightly more than 1 in 20 consumers were victims of identity theft last year. To counter these attacks, banks and credit unions are implementing the educational and training resources of SoS. Once implemented, these financial institutions can stream the videos at no cost to their customers via their website without increasing bandwidth utilization on the financial institutions' network. SoS provides numerous training videos that range from the most recent phishing schemes to clever ID theft attacks such as online shopping scams. Because the entire SoS video solution can be incorporated into any financial institutions' web page through the addition of just a single line of code, banks and credit unions are able to implement the complete solution in less than 10 minutes.

Remarked Jim Stickley, founder of Stickley on Security, "ID thieves and cyber-terrorists know that it's easier to compromise a financial institution by targeting its customers and members rather than a direct assault on the bank or credit union itself. The goal of Stickley on Security is to help educate these consumers so their risk to themselves and their financial institution is reduced. More and more financial institutions are realizing that an educated customer base greatly reduces loss due to fraud and the easiest way to get the word out is through my educational videos. We live in a YouTube world and people no longer are interested in reading long documents about security. They learn by watching."

SoS takes its educational videos one step further in its approach by having Jim Stickley demonstrate on camera how the cyber attack on a consumer unfolds, allowing the bank customer and credit union member to have a visual imprint of how these scams and ID theft incidents occur. Through the years Stickley has shown the world a vast array of scams by performing them on the unsuspecting public for major news outlets such as CNN, NBC News, the Today Show and CNBC. In these segments, Stickley shows how he could have scammed real people, demonstrating how a would be criminal goes about committing identity theft and what people can do to protect themselves from these types of attacks.

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"CUNA is pleased to offer Stickley on Security to its 6,900 member credit unions to help educate staff and members on the myriad of tactics cyber criminals are using to steal their identities and money," said Paul Gentile, EVP, Strategic Communications and Engagement at the Credit Union National Association. "What makes the SoS solution so popular with credit unions is the way it allows them to quickly and affordably implement a comprehensive online security training program that helps meet regulation compliance and keeps their members informed about the latest security threats. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and credit unions need to make sure they are doing their part to help educate the public. The Stickley on Security training solution is an invaluable educational resource that all financial institutions would benefit from implementing."

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San Diego-based Stickley on Security provides a comprehensive identity theft training solution designed to help financial institutions meet regulation compliance through customer and member education. Providing a fully customizable video player that can be embedded into any existing web page through the addition of a single line of code, financial institutions can quickly and affordably implement a training program that is automatically updated with content addressing the latest security threats. The solution is one of the leading sources of training and educational videos on the prevention of identity theft and computer hacking. Recently Stickley on Security reached a milestone when over 1 million members of credit unions watched the security training videos. Banks' customers will soon reach this milestone as well. To learn more about Jim Stickley and his services, please visit

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