August 22, 2007 08:45 ET

IDGLOBAL Signs Contract and Receives Initial Order From Another Major Player in Sports Apparel/Merchandising Market

KELOWNA, BC--(Marketwire - August 22, 2007) - IDGLOBAL (PINKSHEETS: IDGJ) announced today that the Company has signed another popular sports-oriented, licensed apparel and merchandising division. Counterfeit merchandise and apparel are costing this global industry billions of dollars in lost revenue annually. IDGLOBAL has also received an initial order from this yet-named customer to provide its Nano-Molecular Markers™ for the purpose of eliminating counterfeit threats. This application of IDGLOBAL's technology will ultimately provide this division, as well as its retailers and consumers, the assurance of unequivocal brand authentication when their licensed apparel and merchandise products are sold on a global basis.

IDGLOBAL's Nano-Molecular Markers and Tagging™ technologies essentially enable a company to take an authentication laboratory into the field to provide 100% verification of its products in real-time.

This recently signed sports apparel and merchandising division can now provide its goods to the global marketplace with unparalleled confidence of authenticity. In addition, they will now have the ability to identify which specific areas and retail groups are most vulnerable to counterfeiting infections, and where these infections are occurring most. Counterfeit products being sold from this point forward without IDGLOBAL's markers will be identified in a timely manner and dealt with appropriately.

According to Phil Viggiani, VP of sales and marketing for IDGLOBAL, "IDGLOBAL continues to grow its list of clients as companies are more and more compelled to utilize our nano-molecular counterfeiting solutions. Once we demonstrate how effective our solutions are, organizations become very excited at the prospect of being able to protect and verify their products globally. We have leveraged our recent successes in the sports apparel market into additional clientele in this vertical. This particular client, which again due to the confidential nature of this program cannot yet be named, marks IDGLOBAL's second major apparel company to come aboard; I have confidence that this is the start of a rapidly growing sector for us."

About IDGLOBAL Corp.:

IDGLOBAL Corp. ( is comprised of two primary operating divisions: (1) Its Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Authentication division, which markets solution-based programs and products that utilize the Company's revolutionary Nano-Molecular Markers™ systems and; (2) Its Corporate Loss Prevention / Anti-Theft division, which markets the Company's IDFORENSIX™ product line -- products that also utilize cutting edge, nano-molecular marker and scanning technologies specifically designed for Loss and Theft Applications. The combined Anti-Counterfeiting and Loss Prevention / Anti-Theft markets are currently estimated to be an US $800 Billion industry worldwide.

IDGLOBAL's Nano-Molecular Markers™ are the equivalent of taking the laboratory into the field and providing a verifiable answer as to a product's authenticity in a matter of seconds by utilizing proprietary Nano-Molecular Markers™ and handheld X-Ray scanning technologies. IDGLOBAL provides its Nano-Molecular Markers™ on a global basis and can easily be applied to product runs into the hundreds of millions of units at a cost of a fraction of a penny per unit. IDGLOBAL has already established a multi-year track record protecting intellectual property, corporate assets and brand-name goods for major companies throughout North America.

IDGLOBAL's IDFORENSIX™ ( product line is specifically geared towards loss prevention, and in particular the protection of corporate assets such as tools, and the complete spectrum of corporate equipment from basic office supplies, up to and including, works of fine art. Most corporate losses are due to internal and/or invasive theft. Applications for the IDFORENSIX product line include every theft scenario from consumer theft at the retail level, to employee theft, to the larger problem of theft occurring within distribution systems and warehouse environments. IDFORENSIX markers tag and protect a company's merchandise and/or equipment so efficiently that they cannot be removed or tampered with once applied. This ultimately results in the long term prevention of nearly all theft, or at least -- when prevention is not possible -- the unequivocal ability for an organization to recover stolen articles and merchandise and have the necessary evidence to prosecute.

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