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IDInteract, Inc.

December 11, 2012 08:00 ET

IDInteract Offers Demand-Based Approach to CRM With the Launch of Demand Exchange

Demand Identification Platform Leverages Multi-Channel Big Data to Identify and Target Consumer Purchase Intent in Real-Time

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Dec 11, 2012) - IDInteract, Inc., a provider of products that empower enterprise brand marketers to identify and interact with highly qualified individuals and prospect clusters, today announced the launch of the Demand Exchange™ platform. Demand Exchange aggregates structured and unstructured data from multiple sources and automatically abstracts that data into easy-to-use 360-degree graphic representations of individuals, groups, events and communities called "Personas." Personas are then analyzed to identify "demand signals" indicating real-time intent and interest for specific brands, products and services. When demand signals arise, Demand Exchange empowers marketers to authentically engage with these individuals and prospect clusters by delivering personalized offers via their preferred digital channels. Through a better understanding of consumer purchase intent, IDInteract enables marketers to initiate more timely and relevant interactions, resulting in improved revenue conversion and return-on-investment (ROI).

"Traditional approaches to IT delivery, product development and marketing emphasize creating and 'pushing' products to users. However, modern approaches to the same disciplines require deeper engagement with and 'pull' from the user as consumer. Through deeper engagement, more-valuable information (for example, offers, ideas and social connections) can be targeted through a smarter push mechanism," said Chris Howard, managing vice president at Gartner, in a report published October 18, 2012 titled "Engage, Learn, Create and Disrupt With the Nexus of Forces."

Unlike supply-focused CRM approaches that blast out untargeted offers to unfiltered groups of consumers, Demand Exchange allows enterprise marketers to tailor offers based on real-time market demand. By analyzing demand signals with high-context machine-learning algorithms, Demand Exchange identifies consumers' intent to purchase, enabling enterprises to reach out with highly targeted offers that instantly influence purchase decisions. For example, a Cadillac dealership that sends out a low Annual Percentage Rate offer to thousands of prospects using a traditional tactic like email is likely to miss the mark with the vast majority of recipients -- either because they are no longer in the market for a car purchase, or were simply not interested in a Cadillac. Using Demand Exchange, that same dealership would benefit from real-time information and analytics identifying prospects that are actually considering a Cadillac CTS-V based on their mobile "app" research on zero to sixty (0-60) mile per hour acceleration and solicitation of advice from their social network(s).

Key features of the Demand Exchange platform include:

  • IDIntent - Sources data from social media channels, client mobile applications and CRM systems. By sourcing "dark" data from social media and mobile applications, Demand Exchange enables clients to tap into largely unused but highly valuable real-time information about what consumers are doing, considering and purchasing. This channel agnostic approach to data collection eliminates the need to invest in channel specific tools, and paints a more accurate picture of consumer demand for particular goods and services.
  • IDPersona - Consolidates multiple data points into singular highly contextual consumer views for individuals, groups, events and communities called "Personas." Personas contain and continually update privacy, viral score, brand consideration, and historical and potential revenue contribution information. Consumer "demand signals" within Personas are analyzed using proprietary algorithms to determine real-time intent. Personas allow a marketer to sense shifts in market perception and understand the real-time demand curve for their company and its offerings.
  • IDAnalytics - Predictive analytics and propensity to buy algorithms are applied to Personas to determine the highest revenue potential prospects for each client. Using Visual Market Intelligence (the abstraction of raw data into easy to understand graphic formats) the Demand Exchange user interface presents this information so marketers can quickly focus on the most valuable prospects relative to their business objectives, leading to increased revenue and ROI.
  • IDOffer - Empowers marketers to manage a standing inventory of offers ranging from reference information, content links and promotions. IDOffer automatically recommends prospects for client interaction pre-aligned with available offers. This automation capability introduces efficiency to what is currently a labor-intensive and manual process.
  • Measurement and ROI - Continually measures, tracks and reports the status of customer interactions to help enterprise digital marketers measure campaign effectiveness and ROI.

"To fully enable digital marketing we need to shine a brighter light on customers by leveraging the 'dark' unused data from their social and mobile activity in addition to any useful CRM data. Getting at dark data will help enterprises really understand what their customers and prospects need most, and satisfy that demand," said Matthew Standish, CEO, Founder and Chief Architect at IDInteract. "The problem is how to collect, analyze and leverage all that data so it's truly useful for driving meaningful customer interactions leading to revenue. With the launch of Demand Exchange, IDInteract ups the ante, flipping traditional supply-focused CRM on its head with a fully integrated offering leveraging multi-channel data to monetize consumer demand."

Demand Exchange is available immediately with an annual subscription. A fully customized recommendation and pricing is available on request.

IDInteract is offering a 30-day trial of Demand Exchange to the first 25 qualified enterprise customers who apply via their website by December 31, 2012. For more information about this promotional offer, visit:

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IDInteract, Inc. enables enterprise digital marketers to proactively identify and convert market demand into revenue with an easy-to-use software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform called Demand Exchange™. Our solution abstracts and analyzes raw consumer data from multiple sources, and consolidates that information into individual, group, event, and community "Personas," indicating real-time consumer demand for brands, products and services. Using these demand signals, Demand Exchange recommends and automates interaction with the most qualified prospects while continually measuring business results and return-on-investment. For more information, visit, follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook.

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